What is WOW! Mobile? (Updated)


  • beyond


    • brararsh

      Unlimited LTE???
      WOOOOOOOW.. I am in.. even for $100 a month.. :p

    • Bri

      vs unlimited HSPA+ for $30? really?
      you save $800+ per year just on your phone bill…

    • MrEeeaddict

      you every try uploading something on hspa in a crowded place?

    • Bri

      I’ve been with Wind for a little less than a year and the service is not bad enough for me to complain at least. I’m satisfied with the service for how much it costs.


      I agree.
      Go WIND!

    • someguy

      And uploading something in a crowded area compensates a $800+ a year really ? hmm you might want to check your priorities abit first

    • MrEeeaddict

      as an event photographer (new years, concerts etc) I see no problem with my priorities


      Who uploads large files over their phones data connection? Save your data and money and wait till you get home and do it over your wifi connection. I’ve had no drastic speed issues using koodo over HSPA to download things and prefer it since LTE takes nearly twice the battery drain than HSPA right now. I’d rather be able to use my phone for twice as long then download or upload things slightly quicker.

    • BMSMA

      What service are you on? HSPA up and down lines are usually separate, I bet you’d be uploading via GSM (uggghhh).

    • Plazmic Flame

      I laughed so damn hard, lol. $100 a month? They can suck a nut!

    • disqusmy

      To be exact, saved $840. Downside is limit coverage. Your choice.

    • Mike Simpson



      No it’s not…

  • Threecube

    The reaction you would get seeing how high your monthly bill is

    • someguy

      lmao touche

    • iphoneee’s bro

      only worthwhile if they sell the iPhone


      WIND has the Iphone, you just need to buy the Iphone that works on there network.

    • Plazmic Flame


  • Me Ted

    I’ll be sure to steer clear. Thanks for the heads up MS!

  • rgl168

    Rogers and Telus are backing this? Sounds like an odd couple to me.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Sounds like the League of Evil

  • WhoCares

    Wow! What a surprise!

  • canuck07

    Wow! Another illusion of competition?

    • Netguru

      At least they are bringing their longstanding collusion out into the open…at least a part of it anyway.

    • thisiscjay

      Psssst. It’s Telus and Bell 😉 close though…

    • Netguru

      You’re talking about partnering while I’m talking about collusion. Bell and Telus partner on network sharing. Bell, Telus and Rogers collude on fixing pricing on their monthly plans. Now 2 of the 3 are partnering on a joint venture where they will openly collude on the pricing, which in turn will no doubt affect or be affected by pricing that each entity charges.

  • zedlove

    This oligopoly is getting out of hand

  • hardy83

    Oh…Glad to see Rogers and Telus are still at traditional marketing.
    Confusing consumers with the illusion of competition.

    Sub-brands should legally be forced to state their parent brand in decent size font on all marketing material.

    And by decent my mean 9-12points. Not 6 or less making is small print.

  • barrist

    wait so is it actually a new carrier (like Koodo, VM, etc) or just a store like TBooth selling basically the same deals you get from the carriers themselves? If its the former, don’t they already have Fido. If its the latter, who cares?


      I’m pretty sure it’s a new carrier like Koodo, Virgin and Fido…

    • Francis Young

      Koodo, Virgin and Fido are not really carriers. They are just discount brands owned by Telus, Bell and Rogers respectively. Koodoo, Virgin, Telus and Bell all run on the same cell tower network, while Fido and Rogers run on the Rogers cell tower network. It looks like Wow will be a store franchise like Mobile Shop, Wireless Wave, Future Shop, etc. not a carrier or even a carrier discount brand.


      Really? I’m glad, at least WIND won’t go under…

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Unless they can give me Unlimited calling Txt Data North American wide for 30.00 Bucks I’ll Stick with Wind

    • Frank Meneses Jr

      I’m usually very anti-Robellus, but if they can offer something for a little north of that with the same reception their regular customers get, I’d probably switch. I can’t stand the lack of consistent reception I get, though I am on Mobilicity.

    • Walter

      I agree. I am with Wind now. But I would pay up to $80 a month from the big three for equal services.

    • Alex McIlwaine

      LOL. Just no.

    • Frank Meneses Jr

      Just north of Mobilicity in my opinion is $50, tax incl. You’re nuts to want $80.

    • whatever

      Yes Wind give that to you right now huh??

    • Thomas C. Riddell

      No but I still get good Service 30.00 Month Unlimted data and Talk


      The plan actually includes:

  • Anonymous501

    I’m not optimistic but the part about focusing on the no-contract sector did peak my interest. Most of the Big 3 (and their resellers) only advertise subsidized rates (whether it be very subsidized or minimally subsidized). I would love to see some options out there that advertise non-subsidized rates (to make them easier to compare and what not).

  • hunkyleepickle

    Oh goodie, more wireless competition…. /s

    • icyhotonmynuts


  • tyresmoke

    I’m not satisfied with the current 10% BOYP discounts.

    So if this turns out to be a completely subsidy free service with considerably lower cost plans, rogers network, and generous data options, count me in.

    But somehow all that sounds way too good to be true now that I think about it.

    • HelloCDN

      Actually, Big 3 offer $20 off for BYOD. Technically, not that bad. But their plans are still ridiculously expensive.
      The only ones with 10% discount are the sub-brands, for obvious reasons.

    • JKane9999

      I was on the phone with Rogers 2 weeks ago negotiating with Retentions and they told me absolutely no BYOD discounts. She kept telling me ‘the plans are more expensive because of the 2 year contract’ and I kept saying I’m bringing my own phone, the contract is irrelevant…she didn’t budge. I don’t know about Bellus.

    • HelloCDN

      Rogers was the last one to implement it, and perhaps they’re only doing it for new customers. Or the staff doesn’t know about it. Which is stupid, but what can you do…

  • whatever

    Its another retailer.

    Someone like a Glentel/Target
    that will sell Rogers/Telus and maybe the others

    My bet is lower end such as Walmart since they do not have cellular locations while Target does

  • andrew

    Nothing at CIPO.

  • Karami

    WOW! is gonna be ur impression when u see ur bill.


  • vn33

    *Sigh* … so this is how they respond to “consumer’s needs” after keeping out Big, Bad Verizon ?? I would be very happy if they just keep the same monthly plans (pre-2 years) plus the phone subsidies (adjusted for shorter contract)
    Guess this is why I will be buying my own phone from now on to go with my $50 corp plan.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Why would they cannibalize their existing business? Obviously unlimited everything is the Holy Grail of wireless.

    • tyresmoke

      When robellus advertises “unlimited talk, text and data plans”, unlimited does not apply to the word data. It’s very deceiving wording.
      It’s more like: unlimited talk, unlimited text, oh yeah and some scraps of data.

    • andy c

      if WOW is not subsidising phones then that’s $10 -15/month less they have to factor into the monthly plan compared to rogers.

  • Michael

    Who cares? It is all more smoke and mirrors STRICTLY design to fool Canadian Sheeple and their handlers into believing with have actual choice beyond the monopoly. This country and the state of business sickens me.


      Yep, It’s true!

  • andy c

    all i want is for someone to copy T-mobile’s $30 unlimited text, LTE data and 100 mins per month plan.

    • Thrasher

      Man, I can’t agree with you more. I am so envious of Yankees having this amazing plan. My dream plan…


      I wish…

  • someguy

    there should be a limit to how many incumbents a major wireless company is allowed to have


      I agree, that’s a good idea. You should submit that to the CRTC. I think they’ll agree with you. Go WIND!

  • Ulysses Grant

    “Wow!” is what you will scream after seeing your first month bill. They should call it “sh*t” instead.

    • wildspin

      In that sense, why don’t they just call it Ouch Mobile? 😉



    • icyhotonmynuts

      Spell Rogers backwards and it spells out s#it




      I like that…

  • delumen

    The only way they’ll get people back is if its the way WIND does their plans. 5GB cap then after that you get throttled, 10GB is premium add-on. I might consider it if I was throttled after 10GB LTE for $50 a month.


      Sorry but it’s actually 10GB with the UNLIMITED PLAN ($30 and $40). Go WIND!

  • Dave Strot

    What the hell, MobileSyrup? Is it a new wireless carrier (a new sub-brand, like Fido, Koodo, Virgin, Chatr), as indicated in the paragraph that follows “this is considered a rumour”, or is it a new retail outlet, as suggested in the next paragraph? Your story is completely unclear, even following two updates. Do you guys even read what you post? Your comically fractured grammar can normally be overlooked, but this reporting is so nebulous, it’s useless.

    • Will

      So which is it MobileSyrup? A new wireless brand or just a multi-carrier retailer? Retail Insider is suggesting it is just a multi-carrier retailer…

    • J-Ro

      I think be cause it is registered as a “Boutique” it is just another outlet. I think they plan on eliminating companies like Glentel (which is weird). I thought Glentel and Rogers had a great partnership together, this move is very shocking to me.

    • RoboBonobo

      But they did report that they could be offering unlimited data plans, which would be something neither Rogers nor Telus currently offer. So it could be a new retail outlet that offers a new wireless brand. From what I gather by reading this article, it sounds like it’s going to be both. Of course, it’s just a rumour though.

    • Shūji Kiritani

      It’s another brand, but a sub brand under Rogers just like Fido, CityFone & Chat-R.

  • Monji

    Having unlimited fido LTE for 6month was the best thing that happened to me

    • Walter

      So what happened in the seventh month?

    • Monji

      Back to 6GB 55$ plan 25$ voice + 30$ data


    Thank you for the excellent research! We’re honestly not that familiar with the mobile phone industry so we were only going with what I source told us. Thank you for confirming that our source was correct! And we also think you’ve got an excellent website. Have a great weekend!

  • Rawrrr

    What level is your Hero at? Is this another Blizzard expansion?! I’m so not down.. LOL

  • lusky3

    Moto X with unlimited LTE, no zones, and around the $60 range and Rogers will have be back after all these years of avoiding them.

    • HelloCDN

      I don’t think unlimited LTE will ever happen. But if they could make around 3GB for the deal you described, that would be nice!


      Common people…WIND is trying their best to compete. They’re expanding so much I can hardly explain. They’ve expanded to include over 50% of Canada’s population in 4 YEARS. That’s amazing. It took the BIG THREE like 20 years to expand to 95% of Canada’s population. 50% in 4 YEARS and 95% in 20 years. Go WIND!

  • Gordy Mann

    This retail vendor is probably a cover for both companies’ true intentions: Rogers to get expanded coverage in BC/Alberta & even Saskatchewan and Telus to get expanded coverage in Manitoba. What better way to hide it than a new brand such as Wow Mobile? 🙂

  • Pisidan

    The big three trying to squeeze Wind..mobilicity. Once they do, they’ll get rid of these “deals and or sub brands” and rape Canadians again. Ill stick with Wind who gave really competition.

  • sales

    My daughter is in the UK right now and pays $16 a month for 150 minutes, unlimited text and browsing. We are getting hosed in Canada.

    • No1B4Me

      You can’t compare the UK to Canada. Look at the size difference. UK has a way smaller area and way more people.

    • StatelyAutomaton

      There may be valid reasons for price disparity between Canada and other countries, but size is not one of them. Canada has a lower tower per population rate as compared to the UK or US. Can’t say off hand for other countries, but I’d be surprised if it was much different.

    • thomas nguyen

      tower per population rate doesn’t paint the same picture as tower density, and coverage per tower. Each rural site covers 10-25Km for useful service, and up to 45Km for weak service, spreading that service out nationally for the most part is one thing. Maintenance is another considering each tower location may take someone a few hours to get to.
      size might not be the primary cause of the high price, but it still affects the price.

    • StatelyAutomaton

      Gonna still disagree, although maybe I shouldn’t have said no difference. I did consider maintenance costs, for rural towers, but site rental is going to be significantly lower as compared to urban locations. Enough to offset higher access costs? Hard to say.

    • thomas nguyen

      surprisingly, i heard differently, site rental in urban areas are quite competitive, considering they are paying to expand coverage, which might have a higher cost then a site rental in a urban area. thinking about the cost of fiber line, transport for microwave, the cost of the tower itself. i suspect it would be a pretty penny.

      But back to the subject, the disparity between us and other countries are hard to compare, considering most of our urban center has LTE, and consistent HSPA+. whereas in Europe, I HEARD (correct me if i’m wrong) that they are still on last gen hspa at best, and havent migrated themselves to lte, or HSPA+. they dont get nearly the same speed as us lucky people in Canada/US.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    So 2 of the big 3 in retail cahoots in broad daylight…. WOW!

    • thomas nguyen

      I don’t think there is any indication that TELUS is in Cahoots. The current registration only shows Rogers.

  • James

    i dont care im staying with wind


      Me too, thanks for people like you. People who aren’t on the BIG THREE’s network are the one’s who are gonna lower prices. Go WIND 🙂

  • hyperhyper

    Bow-Wow! Can an old dog learn new tricks? Maybe not. But what if you put two old dogs together and put a sheet on them so people don’t know which dog is under there? Yeah, there is the marketing genius we’ve all know and have come to love from the Big 3. The sad part is that I suspect people will fall for it but then again, the same people will buy something because they heard it was magical.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I am in if they offer limited data on Lte as unlimited calling and text is already offered. The thing missing is UNLIMITED DATA that too on LTE. I am willing to pay around $ 60-80. I know its almost double than WIND’s plans but their upload speed sucks and download no that great either. I am an heavy internet user always watching youtube,facebook,twitter and always online. My experience on WIND was not pleasing. Thats my opinion. No offence to anyone. Even uploading a pic to Dropbox takes forever on WIND.

    • thomas nguyen

      $60-$80? That is a big dream, but for unlimited data, it could never cost that much, when the states had it for Verizon, it was around $100, and they knew the mistake they made, so now there is no longer “unlimited”.

      The mistake is to think the people that has the unlimited data will use it for their phone and only their phone, with video streaming, tethering, music streaming, there is no carrier with enough bandwidth to provide that kind of service consistently. Hence there will never be unlimited data, or if there is, never at the $60-$80 price-point.


      Don’t worry Lakh, WIND is gonna have LTE coverage on their networks by next year. It’s taking a long time because, they have to but spectrum and they BIG THREE always take the majority and WIND and Mobilicity are always left with small amounts of spectrum.

  • noah

    The logo looks like a fast food one. Compare it to Carl’s Jr.’s logo; orange star, white text, blue out-line, red background. It’s tacky. These colours are chosen carefully because they are associated with feelings of hunger. It’s a bad logo for a technology company. It even manages to be more associated with food than the Apple name and logo. I hope it was just pulled off Google Images or something.


      It’s just an example…Mobile Syrup made it. The carriers release into the market isn’t even for sure.

  • Kahn

    It has become incredibly sad how negative and whiney most of you have become. No thread on this website can go anywhere but from the classic ‘I’m being gouged’ to ‘I <3 Wind' and finally 'You're stupid if you don't have the same needs/views as me'.

    I should never have broke my rule of reading the articles and never reading the comments….


      I love WIND too…high five! 🙂

  • Mike

    Doesn’t make sense. Why would a mobile retailer like t-booth be able to offer unlimited data? Is this an MVNO or is it a mobile retail outlet?

  • disqusmy

    They will have a plan named unlimited talk, text, and data. According to their pass plan name, it will give you unlimited talk, text, and some data. 🙂


      I know, I hate it when companies like Rogers say they’ll have unlimited talk, text and data even though they give you like 500mb or up to 3g’s. Don’t you? This should be filed under the CRTC for false advertising, eh?