Rogers price drops the Moto X by $20 on a 2-year

This is an interesting turn of events.

Less than 1-week of sales, Rogers has price dropped Motorola’s new Moto X by 20 bucks. Originally priced at $189.99 on a 2-year, Rogers is now selling this Android-powered Jelly Bean device for $169.99 – which matched big box retailers Best Buy and Future Shop. The no-term pricing still stays the same at $549.99. There’s no reason for the sudden price cut, possibly a promo to target the back-to-school crowd.

Rogers is the exclusive carrier in Canada to launch the Moto X, which is currently only available in black and white, but there’s an early rumour that we’ll eventually see MotoMaker come here that will give customers the option to fully customize the device.

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