Is Nokia’s Lumia 1020 the smartphone Canada needs this winter?

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder (haven’t I heard that somewhere before?), Canadians are increasingly exposing their devices to less accessible environments. With the announcement that Nokia’s Lumia 1020 is coming to Canada this fall on Rogers and TELUS, it occurred to me that two of the phone’s features — a glove-friendly touchscreen with extra sensitivity, and a 41MP camera with improved low-light performance.

It’s true, all of North America will soon be plunged into 3pm darkness, but Canadians, especially those in northern regions, feel the sting the worst.

Many smartphones, including those from Samsung, are beginning to offer touchscreens that don’t necessarily need a digit to operate, but Nokia’s system has always been the best. With the recent addition of Quick Glance, the ability to pick up your device to see the time, and double-tap to wake, Nokia’s smartphones seem well suited for Canadian winters.

With that in mind, our poll this week is:

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