Rogers releases the Moto X


  • IJustGotaTan

    For the price, I’d still buy an HTC One or S4 over this phone.

    • m a t t 8 7 n

      Apparently it runs as smoothly and quickly as the One which makes it a top choice for me! at first the thought of a phone listening to me all the time rlly didnt sit right, mighta been bad timing with the NSA leaks, but i figured that theyre already watching us very closely anyway… not that they have a right to.. but if i ever start a revolution ill be sure to dump the phone.

    • jb

      maybe you should have spent some time learning how the listening feature actually works, instead of working up a frenzy over nsa issues…

    • Netguru

      Maybe you should read the permissions of numerous Android apps carefully and realize how much privacy you’re really giving up to Google, NSA or whomever.

    • jb

      Numerous apps…interesting, though I was speaking on this one particular feature…

    • Netguru

      I understand that you were referring to the listening feature of the Moto X but it was the last part of your comment that I thought needed a reply. Are you comfortable with apps having the ability to read your call logs to see who you have called and the frequency with which you have called them, activating your mic and your camera without you knowing, and a bunch of other invasive things?

    • Bri

      Eagle eye (movie) coming true… btw, nsa is listening to us canadians even??

    • kaostheory

      Long time ago. The technologyh existed almost as long as comcomputers. The software uses key words and then records conversation if the word or phrase is used. All other information is bypassed, not stored, listened to by human ears.

  • Time

    Meh… HTC One FTW!

  • Time

    Meh… HTC One FTW!

  • silver_arrow

    So the reason it is so “expensive” is because of all the customization and that it is “Assembled in the USA” well… the Canadian one has none of the MotoMaker abilities and ours is made in China, so how about a price drop, including on the off contract price.

    • sausages

      Yeah seriously I just don’t understand this part. With the customization and with the assembly in the US, I think it’s a very fair price and I’d actually be all over it *100%*. But as is, we’re just being ripped off. Again.

  • grantdude

    $189.99 on 2-year bend over contract

    • Scott

      Exactly, it’s not that it isn’t a great phone. The plans available are so nonsensical that you have to monitor so close how much data you use it takes the fun out of using the features of the phone.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    A nice phone overall. I’d have to play with it at a Rogers store. I think that I’ll like it.

    Clearly overpriced, though, so if you are considering a purchase, think twice! Wait a few months, and buy it then.

  • Kabir Askari


  • jellmoo

    The more and more I look at this device, the more I like it. It benchmarks competitively with the One and S4, has some gimmicky features that actually seem useful, and has the added bonus of being very compact for a 4.7 incher. The price is a little on the high side, but I would take the Moto X over the One and S4. It hits my needs quite nicely.

  • Henry

    Even if it takes 2 weeks to get your phone they should have made customizing available to Canada.

  • Ron

    u’ll actually don’t get the point… google is emphasizing more over the voice abilities so whenever the key lime pie that is android 5.0 comes out that is hopefully in the first quarter of 2014 it’ll have crazy features using this listening ability and then the s4 and htc one won’t be able to support android 5.0 … those phones will be awesome hardware but shitty software … so eventually moto x will get the 5.1, 5.2 updates .. but the s4 and htc one will stick to shitty 4.2 or 4.3… and then samsung and htc will release new phones supporting this listning feature and we all will be stuck with the s4 or one with nice hardware but really bad software for 2 years… and moto x hardware is also pretty awesome for an average consumer… with the main benefit 24 HOUR BATTERY LIFE…..

    • jellmoo

      That won’t happen for two very good reasons: 1) Android is almost completely modular. One single feature (which both the One and S4 are capable of, the only thing holding them back would be battery life), would not hold back on a version update. 2) Google would have to be brain dead to pull that sort of stunt with two of their biggest hardware partners. Especially one like Samsung.

      The Moto X is a great phone because it simply is a great phone. Not because of some odd conspiracy that they’ll be the only one getting updates.