WIND Mobile to release the the HTC One on August 27th


  • Fawoo

    Damn $629?! I’d definitely jump in if I wasn’t waiting for another device. Sounds like a catch for Wind customers looking for an upgrade.

    • MapleHoney

      Kind of late when iPhone 5S is around the corner next month.

  • eszklar

    Again way too late. This should have come out back in April/May. September will bring the Sony Honami and Z Ultra. Samsung will introduce the Note 3. iPhone 5S for the Apple fans. HTC is also bringing the One Max.

    • mistermystery

      The One is still relevant and will be for some time. The Snapdragon 600 is no slouch.

    • eszklar

      Not arguing about the merits of the phone. Just the late availability on WIND. I would love the Developers Edition or Google Play edition to work on Mobilicity/WIND.

    • FYLegend21

      yeah I was kinda pissed to see so many ads from Wind for the Galaxy S4, they should do the same for the One. The only other HTC phone they had was the One S which seems to have sold well as I see them quite a bit (also on Fido and Telus)

    • eszklar

      It all comes down to marketing $$’s which Samsung has plenty of. HTC – not so much and I’m not sure how hiring Robert Downey Jr. is going to help: HTC “Hold This Cat” video is not groundbreaking by any stretch. So we’ll see.

    • tck9

      Couldn’t people just have bought the HTC one back when it was released and use Winds “bring your own phone” thing? Why wait for Wind to start selling them when you can just buy any aws 1700/2100 supported phone.

    • eszklar

      I could be wrong but up to this point I’ve never seen a AWS supported One (1700/2100Mhz). It was always quad-band GSM. TMobile USA phones when unlocked used to work on Mobilicity/WIND but TMobile USA is re-farming their spectrum for LTE support so I don’t know the the TMobile One would work.

    • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

      We meet again 😀 No its not too late, its just about time for back to school

    • eszklar

      LOL. Nice to see you too. I suppose as a back-to-school-phone on WIND sure. But one month after the One’s release on WIND the phone landscape will have changed again with the Sony Honami and Z Ultra, the Note 3, HTC Max and the iPhone 5S. It’ll be interesting.

    • Calvin Lee™

      If you are really a tech geek, you’d stop calling it the “honami” and use it’s real name.

    • eszklar

      Xperia i1 or Xperia Z1? Pick one Tex.

  • Cell Man

    I wouldn’t touch HTC products because they are in financial trouble. Secondly, who wants a phone that you can’t even remove the battery. This is just like the I-phone that I used to have. Also in my opinion it is far toooooooo much money.

    • Wizzy

      The phone is awesome and the company is fine. Why do you want to remove the battery? Try charging it? The One is the best phone I’ve ever had, including 3 iPhones and 3 Android.

    • Cell Man

      I guess you don’t use your phone much like I do. What happens when your phone goes DEAD?

    • whnothere

      So I guess you bring your spare battery everywhere you go then? I used bought spare battery for all my androids, but turns out I never swap them out. Changing battery is a good option, but is it a need for average user? Plus, HTC ONE uses lithium-polymer which should be safer and higher quality comparing to Lithium-ion (Lithium ion gets larger capacity with cheaper price)

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nobody cares about “higher quality” or that it’s “safer”.

      What people care about is the battery life.

    • Darth Paton

      Stupidest comment I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I don’t care if it blows up in my pocket and takes off my leg, just make sure I can get a full days use out of it without having to (gasp!) plug it in.

    • MobileSerenityNow

      Mophie makes an HTC One charging case for $79.95. If you search this site, you’ll see they even reviewed it for your consideration.

    • southerndinner

      How DARE you bring up a logical point about a company in dire financial state with a terrible track record of repairs? DOWNVOTES FOR YOU!

      MobileSyrup logic.

  • rgl168

    I’d like to know whether this model is LTE capable (on AWS and 2600 bands).

  • Allen Sutedja

    bring the black!

  • Erwin Lee

    August 27th is not a Thursday. Its Either August 27th = Tuesday or Thursday = August 29th.