Windows 8.1 to be available on October 17th, free upgrade for existing users


  • Nathaniel James

    Can’t wait 😀

  • dracos

    It’s funny articles mention it will be free, If MS charged for it it would be the end of Window$

  • Tony Sarju

    Maybe I’ll finally give Windows 8 a try now

  • OldEnough to know better

    “Windows 8.1, a free upgrade to existing users, will be available ……. for purchase in stores on October 18th.”
    Let me see if I’ve got this straight: The “free” upgrade “will be available for purchase”.

    • ToniCipriani

      and you conveniently left out the words “for new users”.

    • OldEnough to know better

      I’ll go back to school and do “reading 101” over again.

    • DallanInvictus

      The ellipsis DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

    • Andrew Brown

      Yes because clearly the update wold only be feasible to those with a WINDOWS 8 OS !! In Store will be the complete OS but instead of saying WINDOWS 8 will now say WINDOWS 8.1 …..get it ? Got it? GOOOOOD !

  • St. Misery

    I’ve been running the 8.1 trial and I can say so far that it’s not that impressive. The worst thing is IE11, it isn’t compatible with many sites, I’m now using Google Chrome exclusively. And they didn’t give us the start button back, just a stupid button to together between desktop and metro screen. Still rocking Classic Start 8 for my start button. Thinking about going back to W7.

    • Andrew Brown

      I could care less about the start button but for those who do I can see how this is far from what they wanted back and expected….kinda a waste to hype it’s return to those who wanted it only for it to function as such between the desktop and metro …to me not only pointless for those who wanted it but for me and other users who have touch screens /tablets I mean the start button icon is in the hidden charms bar , and with the digital swipe/windows icon on the tablet I have now I have to look at another Win icon that’s 3 different types of interfacing with this farce start button just to swing back and fourth from Live Tiles( Metro ) to the desktop ! How is this ground breaking if anything it’s pointless a waste and more convoluted !!

  • Kenny G

    I’m due for a laptop upgrade, but I think I’ll wait for the Haswell versions running Windows 8.1.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Finally don’t have to be greeted with the touchscreen friendly home screen, that was the main reason why I hated W8. It was very annoying having to go back and forth between both home screens.

    • Henry

      There has always been an app for that, it’s called Pokki.

  • Allan

    How do you set it to boot to Desktop?

    • El Padrino Isaac

      Try start is back, its a great lil app that enables youto have a windows 7/vista start button on the desktop environment, it also has the ability to boot directly to the desktop