Yelp now lets users post reviews from a smartphone

Yelp has updated its iOS app, and will shortly be doing the same on Android, to allow users to post reviews on business pages.

While this may come as a shock, until now Yelp only allowed users to draft reviews on mobile, requiring them to log in via the desktop to complete the transaction, so to speak. In an age of mobile reviews — Foursquare comes to mind — this seemed backwards, so Yelp is righting the wagon and beginning to allow users to actually take the leap on mobile.

The feature is coming first to iOS, which is rolling out today, and will hit Android likely later this week. Yelp will, ahem, review the reviews and determine whether they belong in the “Tips” section instead — if they’re too short, for instance — but this should significantly ramp up quantity, even if it somewhat diminishes quality.

Recently, the Android app was updated to show Nearby hotspots, places at which people were swarming or talking about. Yelp is also rolling out food delivery from within the app, but it doesn’t look like it’s live in Canada yet.

Source: Techcrunch