TD Canada Trust releases iPad app with modern design and advanced security features

TD Canada Trust has released an app for iPad users that bridges the gap between desktop and mobile. Whereas the iPhone app, along with the company’s other small screen versions, is little more than a redressed web view, TD for iPad is an all-new native experience, with a clean design and plenty of forethought.

Like the mobile app, TD for iPad provides access to consolidated bank account information, where you can check balances and move money between accounts, or look into your Waterhouse brokerage investments.

Users can mimic most of the functionality of TD’s online EasyWeb portal, such as paying bills and transferring money between accounts, but the ability to use the iPad’s GPS or WiFi connection to find a nearby branch is reminiscent of the mobile app.

There is also a unique security layer, similar to that of EasyWeb, whereby a user will answer a question and, once deemed correct, the iPad will be assigned a unique identifier that cannot be replicated.

TD for iPad is available for the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini, and requires a minimum of iOS 5.