New Nexus 7, 32GB version, goes up for pre-order at Best Buy and Future Shop


  • Rabid Rotty

    Any word on the LTE?

    • dandoozled

      what RR said…

    • Nathaniel James

      Im kinda sad that the AOSP executive left 🙁

    • Rabid Rotty

      Yup JBQ is a great guy, and today they released the full aosp image, which pisses me off

  • Tony Sarju

    You’re very welcome!

  • Unorthodox

    I do want this model, but with shipping it gets pass the date when I need it, so I’ll be trying to snatch it from a store, when it comes out.

  • JCanada

    NCIX has been selling the 32GB version in Canada since the beginning of the month. Probably out of stock now

    • Tommy Crosby

      AFAIK, They were taken from the USAs, this could bring issues with warranties…

  • Dan Bradford

    Be aware that if you do purchase a Nexus device from Future Shop, Best Buy, or any other third party retailer, Google will NOT offer you any kind of warranty whatsoever. My Nexus 7 bricked after the OTA 4.3 update, and Google sent me to Asus for repair, who have an estimated 3 month turn around time.

    • Guest

      I’m pretty sure you’re still eligible for an in-store exchange(14 days from the day of purchase). I had mine exchanged 4 times until I ended up getting a refund.

    • Dan Bradford

      14 days yes, 7 months later not so much.

    • rivard35

      Google sells them, but because they see made by Asus it makes sense they fix and Asus product

      No matter where you but it it all goes back to Asus.

      So please don’t spread misinformation

    • Tommy Crosby

      Any products brought at FS or BB have 1 year warranty in-store right? I have returned so many defective devices in the past years. This hasn’t changed/different with tablets I hope.
      (In fact, I usually purchase only there because of this.)

    • rivard35

      Future shop and Best buy will send your unit to Asus for repair, they themselves don’t hold a warranty for the unit.

      Also they do put used units when they have nothing wrong with them.

  • Me Ted

    Or you could get it right now at NCIX.

  • anjew

    is there GPS issues for this model also?

  • Shan Mafa

    is walmart getting the nexus 7

  • Tommy Crosby

    Too late for the BestBuy, but I got it on FutureShop!

  • southerndinner

    GPS is broken in it just like all Asus tablets seem to be. No thx

    • Me Ted

      Nice FUD.

  • Rob MacAusland

    32gb nexus 7 second gen unavailable for preorder when I checked two minutes ago With only a few $ between the 16 and 32 I’m not surprised how fast they’re selling out. Hopefully Staples will have some available in the coming weeks *waits impatiently*

    • Rob MacAusland

      Google Play store says the 32gb version isn’t available for sale in Canada. Much rather by locally anyway. Makes it easier to do a return if I wind up with a bum unit out of the box

  • Abhishek Jauhari

    $279 is pretty good deal. Im gonna wait to see how ipad mini 2 looks like before I buy.

  • Navraj Singh Saini

    Memory Express is already selling the 32GB (Alberta for sure) since I got mine today after reading the factory images news.

  • Mr. Everything

    Why does being Canadian mean we pay more?