BBM for Android and iOS hits BlackBerry Beta Zone, release imminent


  • hoo dat

    Got the alert last night, going to grab a prepaid SIM for my old S3 later today and give it a go.

    • lightrush

      I hate you.

    • hoo dat

      Hah! Join the line up 😉

    • Janak Patel

      Hey! How did you get an invite?

    • hoo dat

      I signed up for BlackBerry Beta test updates. You don’t get to try all the updates, it really depends on how long you’ve been doing it, what sort of beta files you’ve run previously and whether you’re consistent with your feedback,

    • hoo dat

      I got an email invite, same as the one shown above.

    • MrStphn

      hey please send it to me… i will apreciate!

    • lisbeth chrisna

      can u also send it to me please…

      i will really appreciate it.. thanx a lot

    • Tom

      Do you actually need a sim? I thought BBM works on wifi now.

  • MXH070

    And the clueless trolls and haters spew B.S in 3… 2…. 1…

    • Dave

      Get over yourself.

    • Bbrysucks

      Yawn. People speak the truth when its required.

  • HiKsFiles

    Really looking forward to this!

  • dracos

    OK I have never owned a BB or used BBM, I use What’s app, or Facebook messenger , or the good old way of text messaging, what is so good or different in this BBM ? can someone explain me what is the difference why is this better ? not a hater just curious,

    • Stylz Kartel

      BBM shows proper marks for message that are delivered and read (WhatsApp does not show when a message is read). You can invite using email, QPR
      code or NFC. BBM compresses data (depending on OS). You can backup your contact list via cloud. BBM allows moving images in your profile pic. Allows for voice calls, video chat and screenshare. Allows having BBM Groups (that
      includes shared calenders, notes, lists, chats, photos, videos). And BBM
      Channels (currently in beta) which is a social networking feature
      within BBM that allows channel creators to create, edit and publish
      content and amass an unlimited number of followers…also allows Channel followers to participate by commenting on, liking and sharing posts.

      I don’t know if all features will be available on iOS and Android, but
      even in it’s basic form, it trumps most, if not all, messaging apps…imo.

    • Dave

      Hangouts offers the same plus a couple of different features. Also I read somewhere that BBM will be gimped on iOS and Android, not sure how much of that is true.

    • Bbrysucks

      There’s something seriously wrong with your head. OR, you are a 100% (now confirmed) shill for blackberry. You have a VERY short history in your discus profile, and its ENTIRE contents spout the EXACT same crud you said here. OVER and OVER and OVER again.
      Give it a rest you planted troll.

    • Stylz Kartel

      You got me!! I confess, I responded to the same question with the same answer.

    • Bbrysucks

      And nothing else.

    • Stylz Kartel

      What is your point?

    • Bbrysucks

      It was made already.

    • MXH070

      The only paid SHILL from apple/android/windows has to be you and the rest of the troll squad that spend WAY to much time consistently SPOUTING the SAME negatively on every single BlackBerry article regardless what it’s about and that’s about it.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Aside from all the stuff that Stylz mentioned (which might or might not matter to individual users). I’ll give you the 2 main reasons that do affect everybody.

      Speed and reliability.

    • Stylz Kartel

      excellent points! WhatsApp is terrible in both those categories.

  • thatcrazyone

    sweet, bring on the BBM goodness!

  • Plazmic Flame

    I want to beta test the iOS version!! Come on!! Someone send me an invite!

    • Janak Patel

      Hey guys I also want an iOS invite how can I get it

  • Nauman.Choudhry

    I want an invite as well, trying to desperately get one sent to me. But if its going in Beta now, I don’t see it launching until end of August.

    Also there are some screen shots of BBM for android on the web now 🙂

  • ShadowFist23

    BBM is what I most dearly miss from switching to Android, and whereas I used to use GTalk (and still do mostly) my hatred for Hangouts burns with the heat of a thousand suns. So, looking forward to BBM!

  • Dave

    It’s a little too late, hangouts has matured and BBM is not offering anything other applications aren’t. As a matter of fact, Hangouts has desktops applications and BBM doesn’t.

    • JTon

      It really depends on which social group you ask. For example none of my friends use hangouts. We all use whatsapp. I know some people who use facebook messeneger, I know some who use iMessage. It’s all over the place. You can’t rely on anecdotal evidence.

    • daniel fredericks

      Each of those groups chose those apps for a reason… And your point Is anecdotal as well.

    • lightrush

      If only Hangouts didn’t lose 10% of my messages… Also it appears to have bugs on some devices. For example a person I talk to via Hangouts randomly stops receiving notifications for new messages until they reboot their phone.

    • ShadowFist23

      > hangouts has matured

      In what way? Hangouts was a major step backwards from Talk for me. I used the ability to see if someone is online, to view their status message, to change my status message so people (like co-workers and clients) could, you know, know my STATUS. And I rather enjoyed being able to alter my profile pic quickly and easily. Hangouts broke Talk for me, and offers no benefits that I can see.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Finally some news but I want in on my Phone

    • Janak Patel

      Any one who can help get a beta invite on iPhone ?

  • Justin Alexander

    what do i have to do for an invite?

  • SP_Fever

    texting, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger is all you need, there is no need for BBM.

    • skullan

      BBM integrates SMS on BB.
      Whatsapp is just another IMing tool.
      Facebook needed? Odd.

      BBM + FB (iffy on this one) is all you really needed.

    • Tom

      Facebook needs to die lol

  • kroms

    This is not longer a factor today. BBM is missed by few and BB is not executing as well as it should. There Models are priced too high, the sales are luke warm if that and NEw models from just about Everyone out there are either here already or days from being announced. Say whatever you want but BB is in trouble and is in DEEP water.
    Letting go of more people every 1/4 does not make for a bright future.

    I have a colleague who’s husband works for BB , in house developer and he is not opportunistic about what is happening. Things are not ok. He has starting to spend some time on Android APK because simply it might be the future.

  • Matt Z10

    for all the hate that people seem to have for BB, I think this thread currently shows that most of the forum users really do want them to succeed! sure you won’t use the platform anymore cuz the company was grossly mismanaged in years past but the small sense of optimism is heartening for someone (like me) who actually uses the platform and would like to see further developments.

    And the trolls have no likes. BONUS!

  • Tyrone Thomas

    They should have done this two years ago when it would have not had to compete so much with Whatsapp, iMessage and Hangouts. This may still gain traction because there is no clear cut favorite multi-platform IM service at the moment. BBM has always been a solid IM platform and as of now I don’t really have a favorite IM client on my Nexus device. Hangouts is nice but not enough of my friends use it. Whatsapp is ok but once again not enough of my friends use it consistently. Otherwise I pretty much use SMS more then anything else out there but at least among the people I normally converse with, are willing to give BBM a try so it may end up being a winner to a degree. At least for me. Can’t speak for everyone else but I look forward to trying this out.

    • MXH070

      Isn’t imessage only on apple?

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Ooops yeah sorry my mistake.

  • someguy

    i don’t get why they made this possible it makes blackberry even more so irrelevant than they are people left blackberry because of the lack of progress and innovation what makes blackberry think people with an android or an iphone who can now get bbm on their phone will somehow love bbm so much that they will decide to switch for a new Berry seeing as the only reason they are doing this is to introduce BBM to people that never used it in the first place sigh terrible idea too many cross platform social apps anyways so why bother the cons out weigh the pros for this i think

    • Tyrone Thomas

      This question is puzzling to me as well. I am looking forward to trying BBM out but I fail to see how this works out well for BlackBerry in the long run. It’s one less reason for someone to purchase a BlackBerry. And while die-hard BB fans will say QNX is an advanced platform with tons of potential that BB10 is built on, its not like Apple and especially Google are standing still when it comes to future innovation either.

    • hoo dat

      It’s branding. There is still a lot of value in the BlackBerry & BBM brands. The kind of exposure they potentially will get from this is worth billions.

  • justin L

    The best thing about bbm is separating your contacts. I don’t want all my facebook friends or my gmail to be part of my instant messaging. My bbm friends are my close friends, business contacts and girls I’m dating. Thats whatsapp biggest failure, if i meet a girl in a club i want to give my bbm not my phone number.

  • Tony Sarju

    I’ve been running it for Android for about a week now. The latest build is a lot better but itstill needs a lot of work before hitting the app stores.

  • hoo dat

    Not everyone gets an invite for every app or update, it’s partially based on what you’ve tested before and the level of involvement with the surveys and reports.

  • OfftopicMan

    Unless it somehow integrates with the messaging app on iOS and Android I see this thing not catching on. Why would people want to use 2 different messaging apps on 1 device? This would be like using Viber or Whatsapp, usable, but not integral.

  • Lirodon

    Even though the BB10 UI is nice, it should really be Holo-styled for Android

  • hoo dat

    Steady on folks, I haven’t even downloaded it yet, I’ll likely do it sometime this weekend. I’m not even too sure how it will work compared to BBM on BlackBerry where it’s PIN to PIN. Once I figure it out I’ll help out how ever I can.

  • arsyam mahardika saputra

    I want to try bbm On iOS you please send the link to my email please.

  • arsyam mahardika saputra

    I want to try bbm On iOS you please send the link to my email please.

  • Ayub A M Haziz

    lucky guy wish we all could have the same luck in having bbm waiting long now

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