Bell turns on LTE in 11 more Canadian locations



    Don’t know why they’re going so far North in Ontario when LTE coverage isn’t great west of Barrie Ontario yet, work on that first.

    • ChrisPollard77

      So far NORTH? What part of that list is north? You know Ontario goes far, far past Barrie, right? No, obviously not. Probably don’t know Ontario has two time zones either. There’s nothing on that list I don’t consider southern Ontario … except maybe Timmins. I suppose I’ll give Timmins ‘north’ status.

    • Mikie

      Bigups from Timmins!!!!!!!!! 🙂 sure beats from a few years ago where they didin’t even have 3G – Timmins is usually left out.


    • Anthonny

      Canada is huge. The listed cities are not that far north at all.

      I wonder what would happen if Verizon comes in. Most likely the Big 3 will stop expanding due to competition. That would suck if our networks are like the networks in the US.

  • Corner Brook local

    Corner Brook

  • yourmomismybitch

    Hey hardass. Doncha think the rapists get enough by means of free advertising as it is already? Why must you provide more to them every stinking day? Its not like its news that businesses like this expand coverage daily as part of, well operations is it?

  • Nevin Buconjic

    I haven’t noticed a difference in speed on my Q10 in the Sault.

  • Keegan

    I don’t even get LTE in Etobicoke. Screw off, Bell.

    • BaritoneGuy

      I get it in Etobicoke, but not in Mississauga right off Hurontario just north of Eglinton. Barely even get 3G for that matter.

      Although in the areas where I do get LTE it rocks.

    • Ramen Booko

      Just curious where you’re located. We should have acceptable coverage in that area.

    • BaritoneGuy

      Bristol Rd, just east of Hurontario. Never, ever seen LTE on the phone. Even HSPA is sketchy.