HTC One leads company to small profit in Q2

Despite reportedly selling in excess of 5 million units, the HTC One has not substantially boosted the company’s performance in the second quarter.

HTC posted its unaudited Q2 earnings today, claiming revenues of $2.35 billion USD and an after-tax profit in the vicinity of $40 million. While certainly better than its barely-call-it-a-profit first quarter, this isn’t the turnaround the company needed to reclaim its place on the smartphone throne.

While HTC hasn’t verified the number of One units it has sold, the fact that there are five million out there should be cause for celebration. However, the company has been hit with component shortages, delays and stiff competition, especially from Samsung with its Galaxy S4.

HTC recently announced that it would not be updating the One S, a high-end smartphone less than 16 months old, to the latest version of Android. HTC One and One X users are still waiting for the update to Android 4.2.2, which was promised for shortly after the phone’s launch.

Despite posting a small profit, this quarter was down nearly 85% from the same time a year ago, and far off its high of Q3 2011 when the company took home $625 million.

With the imminent launch of the HTC One Mini, and perhaps a 6-inch Max version of the flagship smartphone, the Taiwanese company has a few things up its sleeve.

Source: HTC