Jawbone brings UP Platform to Android devices in latest update


  • CoffeeGeeker

    I tried the Jawbone UP for a week (bought it at the Apple Store in Vancouver specifically to take advantage of the 15 day return policy); It just isn’t there yet: these devices scream a demand for wireless. Plus I know this was wishful thinking, but how hard is it for these devices to monitor your heart rate: it’s sitting right there on a key pulse reading point of your body. Lastly, I have big wrists, but by no means the biggest wrists around, but that said, the largest size was still too small for my wrist, requiring me to wear it tight and slightly “open” as in it wouldn’t lay flat under my wrist. Plus I was surprised to find out after I bought it I had to go through a variety of button presses (with nearly impossible to see light indicators in some light) to tell it I was going to sleep or woken up. In the 7 days I tried it out, 3 nights’ sleep data never happened because, though I thought I did the proper button presses, apparently I did not those evenings.

    IMO, Jawbone needs to do the following for UP II:
    – better size range
    – wireless wireless wireless
    – auto detection of sleep / rest periods
    – heart rate monitoring ability (not 24/7, but on demand)
    – better on-device indication of being in sleep mode or wake mode, or alarm enabled mode, etc.

    At least now they have amped up their Android offering.

    • TomsDisqusted

      yeah, their method of communicating is a hack. Jawbone II will certainly have bluetooth.

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    I actually prefer the fact that it does not use wireless for the simple fact that it is more compatible than the Bluetooth 4.0 FitBit (which is honestly a Google issue). The single button scheme – as with all things – just takes getting used to. if you don’t use the stopwatch or the nap function, all you do is hold it down when you are about to go to sleep, or when you wake up. No complex press-press-then-hold (which seriously isn’t even that complex) sequences.

    Battery life has been pretty good. I get 8+ days out of a single change, and it charges very quickly.

    Re: detecting sleep/rest periods. If it could autodetect this, how would it differentiate me resting from me just being lazy? The UP can be set to vibrate when you are sedentary to remind you to walk around (handy for desk jockeys). Features would conflict with each other.

    I do agree that heart rate monitoring would be cool, but I’ve never found wrist heart rate monitors nearly as effective as a chest strap unit.

    Light indicators could be much better in direct sunlight, but are otherwise bright in normal room conditions.

  • Bawd

    I’ve been using the UP for the past couple weeks and I love it. I got my girlfriend the FitBit Flex, but I like the features of the UP app more and since the UP doesn’t have Bluetooth, the battery lasts longer. Both products do the same thing, so its really up to personal preference. I see that both are now available at Future Shop and Best Buy, so it’ll be easier to track one down if you want to try it out (I think Apple store used to be the only place in Canada that had it).