Bell to release the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and LG Optimus L5 II


  • Guest

    If they get any bigger they will need a carry handle and wheels to drag it around with. 😉

    • ITCanWork

      I wouldn’t like to see how you transport your tablet around then..

    • iNintendo

      Not in my pocket like my phone.

  • Doug Irwin

    Any bigger and these phones will need a carry handle and wheels to drag them around with. 😉

  • Sky Baun

    Dual core?! 8mp camera?! Beast?

    • Plazmic Flame

      Pretty sure he meant beast in regards to its size, not specs.

    • Sky Baun

      Would you refer to the nexus 10 as a beast because of its screen size? Beast usually refers to specs as far as I know

    • Plazmic Flame


      Ummm, it’s a “beast” because of its size and the fact that its class is still a smartphone. Compared to other smartphone, it’s size is beastly. I don’t know how else to tell you this. Do you not get around the Internet much? The term “beast” does not mean only specs…

    • fates

      Read it again…
      “As for specs , the LTE-enabled Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a beast
      The article is actually explicitly say the specs are beast. Granted size is partially part of a hardware’s specifications.

    • Mike Stirton

      My Note 2 is quite large as well, but hardly what I would call a beast…perhaps next to an iPhone it is…but then that is not surprising…pretty much EVERY Android phone out the last couple years is gigantic next to those puny things…lol

    • Mike Stirton

      I tend to agree…all hype and really not much of a draw…my Note 2 is older, has a quad cpu and mere 8mp. Size alone is no reason fir me to upgrade…

    • Super_Deluxe

      That’s what she said!

    • Anthony

      Stick with the S4. Period.

  • Mike Stirton

    I am fine with a larger device…have the note 2 and this sucker is large…still fits in the pocket WITH the Otter Box on…just barely large enough for what I need it for…unlike many owners…my phone is meant for working on hardware where a laptop isn’t practical. I have an older SGT7 that was the last of its kind in the phablet scene. Large enough to hold all my manuals and other service related files and was capable of phone calls…now ALL the “shitty” large platforms lack cell capability. Samsung and all…there actually IS a segment of the population who would buy a 10 inch with cell capabilities…lack of interest in those formats likely affected by no cell abilities.

  • FatherTime

    I always think that individuals with huge phablets are compensating for something.

  • Kyouya

    Is it weird that the Mega is only 720p when it has a 6.3 inch screen?

    • alphs22

      Still 233 PPI, which is not that bad.

      I don’t think this device was ever meant to be top-of-the-line based on its specs.

  • God

    The Mega is so crap specs wise. Not sure why Bell would carry it. Maybe it will be cheap. Wait, never mind, it is Bell.

    • Xelstyle

      Because not every phone needs to be a flagship model? Heaven forbid Samsung try and test the waters to see how far they can push the boundaries of screen size.

    • God

      I understand that, but with a screen that large, the pixel density is crap. More pixel density, you need more power to push it.

      Mid range specs are great in a phone like the HTC One mini, but not in something with this large a screen.

  • Billy

    I’ve seen one a few days ago. The person bought it from Hongkong. It’s definitely a media consumption device first and phone second. I guess it’d be good for FB, photos, movies while you are at Starbucks, skytrains, etc.

  • hunkyleepickle

    720p on a 6.3 inch screen, while the S4 has 1080p on a 5 inch? I’m no spec w***e, but this just seems very odd to me….

  • Bloune

    6.3 720p…. Why even bother? Dual-Core…. Samsung….why in hell?

    • Tony Sarju

      It’s perfect for those people who don’t want to carry a tablet and a smart phone everywhere. Just because the device is not for you, doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it. As for the specs, this is not a flagship device and the lower res (while still HD) screen plus a dual core proc will achieve better battery life.

  • beyond

    perfect phone for Sasquatch

  • geektec

    LOL that LG phone is getting charged of a Blackberry charger………….

  • Oliver Damaso

    I believe the Mega 6.3 is just Samsung attempt to see how big they can make a phone. Just testing the waters. If there’s interest, we might see more gigantic handsets.

  • Amar

    Seriously once they start to hit 6″ plus, they’re not phones anymore. And this is someone who was pushing for the 4.8″-5.2″ phones to become mainstream. 5.8″ should be as big as they go.

  • Henry

    Eventually phones will be size of tablets and tablets will be the size of computers and then we’ll need smartwatches cause our phones are too big… oh wait, that just happened.

  • zexco

    Charging with a blackberry cable lmao