Blekko launches Izik search app for iPhone and Android

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Blekko is a search engine that has been around since late 2010 and purports to offer a viable alternative to Google’s often advertising-heavy and arguably content-farmed results.

The company is diversifying its mobile portfolio today with Izik, which was previously only available for iPad, launching new apps for Android phones and tablets, as well as the iPhone.

The app is clean, focusing on dividing results into categories. When you search for something, say “iOS 7,” the results are divided into horizontally-scrollable tables. Not only is the format mobile-friendly but it cuts down on wasted content, as only the best results float to the top.

There’s also a “What’s Nearby” feature that draws down results like Bars, Restaurants, Shops, Movies and Gas Stations, arrayed on a Google Map with appropriate touch points. It may not unseat Google, especially on Android 4.1+, as the go-to search app, but it’s a great choice for iPhone users looking for something different.

Download Izik for Android and iPhone.