Apple live streaming WWDC 2013 keynote today via iOS, web and Apple TV


  • EvanKrosney

    Normally I could care less about Apple announcements, and even today I have no intent to purchase an iPhone or iOS 7 product, but it should be genuinely interesting to see how Johny Ive’s changed up the OS since Scott left. I’m guessing that we’ll see something squared off (no more of this rounded corner business that Apple can somehow sue for 😉 ), more industrial feeling, and overall more refined and mature with less cartoony elements than IOS 6. Almost like WP without the scrolling metro navigation, but probably less dramatically clean and simple.

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while now, when Tim took over and Johny started in the software department, we pretty much all knew that something major would come eventually, it was just a matter of time.

    • Harith M

      The banners above have icon shaped buttons with rounded corners! 🙂

  • egy

    My company recently switched from BB to iPhones. NEVER have i missed so much my BB. Damn Apple products, it’s only useful to place a call, end of the story.

  • Nadefrenzy

    I’m excited for the new macbooks as well as iOS. It’s irrelevant that I have no interest in buying an iPhone.

    As a techie, this is nerdgasm!

    • Bri

      Nergasm LOL

  • vannumber1

    People still use iphones?? lol

    unless apple is willing to open up some restrictions on thier OS it’s going to flop just as bad as ios6 did.

    • Bas

      Yes, iOS 6 is the biggest flop in tech. What’s the installed base, 93% of eligible machines?

      It was an incredibly boring end user update with a lot of exciting behind the scenes updates for developers.

    • barrist

      “People still use iphones??”

      Why do I see this all the time, as if pretending to not know that iPhone users make up a huge huge part of the marketplace alongside Android.

    • bcsc

      17% isn’t exactly huge.

  • rvichar

    Time to upgrade my BlackBerry to a Z10.

  • Arcsvibe

    I for one am hoping that Apple steps up their game. Competition is better for everyone. If it is the same old same old I see an S4 in my future.

  • Rhett H

    Lol @ “revolutionary event” But in all seriousness I hope they show something cool, not an Apple fan myself, but it’s good for everyone to have strong competition.

  • FuzzyFish6

    Not an Apple fan at all, but I’m looking forward to this. Why are they not live streaming this??

  • donald

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