Feedly expands its API to support Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8, Press for Android and others

Feedly is attempting to become the de facto Google Reader replacement as the latter service nears its July 1st demise. The startup announced recently that it is working on brand new apps for iOS and Android, but perhaps more importantly is expanding its API to work with other platforms. Since Google’s announcement, 68% of trial Feedly users have become daily visitors.

The Feedly API, which will seamlessly mimic Google Reader’s functionality, will be integrated into Reeder for iOS, Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone, Press for Android, gReader for Android and Newsify for iOS.

This will be a huge relief for many users, especially those on Windows Phone who have yet to see a native Feedly app. Integration will reportedly be complete before Reader shuts down on July 1st.

Twentyfive Squares, the developers behind Press, promised multiple RSS alternatives to Reader, and along with Feedly support there will be Feedbin, Feed Wrangler and Fever support — all paid services, natch — ensuring future support for every kind of user.

Reeder for iOS has already incorporated Feedbin support, and many other app developers are now figuring out in which direction to go. Paid RSS services like Feebin and Newsblur have received a lot of attention lately because they are far less likely to be unceremoniously closed in the future. Feedly, while free, appears to have sufficient funding and plenty of future plans for monetization, so the long-term health of the service is assured.

Source: Feedly