Tapatalk 4 beta graduates to Google Play, finally a great forum app

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Tapatalk is the app most users have adopted to browse and post on many of the internet’s popular forums, including XDA-Developers and more.

While it was accessible to many users across hundreds of well-known forums, the Android app was severely lacking in function and design. With Tapatalk 4, both those holes are about to be filled, with single sign-in support using either Google+, Facebook or Twitter, a left-side navigation bar and more discovery opportunities for newer content.

Threads and single posts are displayed as cards, something that will be familiar to the average Jelly Bean user, and the left-side navigation bar gives constant access to the private messaging inbox, subscribed threads, favourite users and specific notifications.

Thanks to the single sign-in capabilities, you can subscribe to several forums and have them sync across your Tapatalk account. The company says that once the beta period is over, it will be combined with the currently tablet-only Tapatalk HD into a single universal app, so those who have already purchased the $4.99 reader should not have to pay again for this new phone version.

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There are some outstanding navigation issues with the app in its current state, as it relies on the back button to return to the home screen when you’re embedded in a particular forum.

The new discovery features are great, though, with nice high-definition photos of each forum divided into categories, including a curated “Picks” list. There are over 50,000 forums supported, so having these lists is highly convenient.

If you’re a fan of navigating forums, particularly XDA-Developers, on your Android device, download Tapatalk 4 beta for Android.

Source: Google Play
Via: Android Central