HTC Canada “One Phone, One Weekend, Premium Upgrade” trade-in program offers up to $300 for “yesterday’s technology”


  • Raimond

    Great deal, wish more carriers had this phone, no way I am singing with Robbers, even for this beasty phone.

  • EAK47

    Wish I could get this deal, but I got my HTC One for free 🙁

    First world problem, can’t get 100$ because I got a 650$ phone for free

    • jordanesque23


    • Pavel

      that’s not a problem. you are just showing off.

    • asd

      He’s just dreaming, he didn’t win sh*t. Lol what a panzy.

    • EAK47

      Who told I won it.

      It was a gift.

      Anyways, you people can’t take jokes…

  • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

    Desperation is strong with this One

  • Max Fireman

    I love my S4. Kudos to HTC!

  • Eduardo

    Wow, Trade in an HTC One X: $100!!! Galaxy S3 16Gb: $170; 32Gb: $180; iPhone 5 16Gb: $375; 64Gb: $420!! are they insane?!

    • anjew

      trade in an old curve… i’m sure someone would love to PAY you to take it. LOL

  • SkyDome

    Why would anyone send back Z10, iPhone 5 or S3 for $300 or less when you can easily get way more on Craigslist?

    Maybe HTC is planning to resell those phones at profit to make a bit more dough 😉

    • EAK47

      Someone who doesn’t want the trouble by selling it himself.
      All those “recycling” programs are lowballing stuff.

    • Stephen

      You won’t get more than $100 from a Z10 on Craigslist unless you find some poor sucker

    • Sean-Paul

      wow Stephen your hate for Blackberry is just crazy. Ive read every single post you have said and its all garbage. maybe you are the sucker.

      ive sold 2 brand new z10 sealed in box for 450 each. as a wireless sales rep, ive sold more Z10 and Q10 than I have S4’s and HTC One’s combined.

      So get your head out of your a*s and maybe you should wake up and realize you dont have your facts straight. buh bye

    • Stephen

      Your poor, poor customers.

    • Audrey Burne


    • Stephen

      Actually, your was correct. I was referring to HIS customers, not insinuating that you are poor customers. Not only are you a gun jumper but you’re not very bright, either.

  • Unknown caller

    Sure sign ur life away for a phone. Pay retail you save n the long run.

    • Super_Deluxe

      What’s the problem if you plan on staying with the same carrier for a long time and you already have a good plan? I’ve been with Rogers for 7 years now and never had any issues with them. No billing issues, I can afford their plans and I do have a good plan ($60/month including tax), great coverage where I live, discount for loyal customers (50% off early upgrade fee and $50 off my phone when I upgraded to the S3 last winter). Don’t know what everyone complains about all the time cuz with Rogers you get what you pay for well atleast for me. If you’re not happy or can’t afford the price then stick to Wind. Like I said, you get what you pay for for either carrier.

    • Unknown caller

      If you want to sign for a service that’s ur decision. Only thing I would sign is mortgage, car loan, my child’s birth certificate, marriage license, if you want to sign a Rogers for just a service that’s ur decision. I use to work for Rogers and if I tell you what they told us to do you would drop them In a heartbeat. Right now I have Telus NO contract, and mobilicity NO CONTRACT. And if I gave you both phones and tell you to make a phone call or surf the Imternet, I bet you wouldn’t figure out the difference. I’m not trying to say you are wrong but i guess you have your reasons and I have mine. So what I’m saying I rather pay the full price for the phone and not be married to my carrier. I already have a wife lololololol. Enjoy your weekend

  • Yeas

    iPhone 4 16GB = $150
    Galaxy S3 = $100

    That seems a little odd …

  • Avocat

    iPhone 4S 16 GB, released in Oct of 2011 is worth $240 according to HTC’s trade up program

    HTC One X 32 GB, released in April of 2012 is worth $100 according to HTC’s trade up program.

    They devalue their own flagship product compared to apple, despite it being newer.

    • John

      I know, that is so weird ! but I guess they are offering higher price for Apple products because those are the targeted people , HTC does not want to replace a HTC phone ,

  • Al

    Ha ha there nuts NOTE 2 is 180

  • EvanKrosney

    Pfft. You’re WAY better off just selling it on Kijiji, and for that matter, you’re even better off selling it to one of those instant “buy my phone” sites. These offers are a slap in the face.

  • Levar Rowe

    terrible deal, i sold my factory unlocked iphone 4 for 300 bucks on kijiji and it was 2.5 years old

  • geektec

    what’s the promo code?

  • Andrew K.

    lol, this is a joke right? Trade in a $600 phones for $300?
    I think HTC figured out they can’t make money from selling their phones so they’re trying to buy other people’s phones to sell for cheap.
    The HTC One is a nice phone, but this has to be the worst promo ever.

  • crimsonablue

    $100 for BlackBerry 6750. This promo is about trading in phones that won’t even fetch $50 on Craigslist and Kijiji. Promo code is HTC100. LG Optimus One, Windows Mobile 6.1 phones (and older), pre-OS7 Blackberries… those are the phones you should be trading in.

    • King

      Someone gets it. Everyone else just thought of a negitive side.

  • Keith Jesso

    Ok I sent my trade-in phone to HTC 3 weeks ago through Canada Post and their system still shows they haven’t recieved it. Their email support is a joke, I have automated responses to expect an answer and yet nothing.

  • rvichar

    Trade-in values are highway robbery but still better sad to say than others. Just wait a bit longer HTC is in trouble so they will be handing out this phone like candy soon enough.

    • toby

      Yes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, Mr. Armchair CEO…

  • Stephen

    LOL you think they’d at least update this thing to 4.2 before they start insinuating that this is the phone of the future or even the present. Good try, HTC.

  • Ruben Forcada

    Good for HTC Canada. I extended my stay with Robbers and got my S4. The HTC One was my next choice. Love the S4… hate Rogers. Wish someone would erase them off the planet!

  • gun26

    I just tried the htc pricing tool on my Nexus 4. It’s worth a princely $125, apparently. That looks like a crazy lowball price.

  • Willy

    it’s not a good deal for newer phones like S3, One X, iPhone.

    but it’s actually a good deal if you are trading in really old and/or lower end smartphones, like acer liquid/one v, which you’ll never sell for $100 on kijiji.

  • zephyre23

    Love the new HTC One. Got it from t-mobile to work with wind. and it was a worthy investment. Will keep it for many years.

  • John

    they said $109 for HTC ONE S – a phone I bought for $500 last year 😐