WIND wants to save Mobilicity customers, offers 1-month of free service to those who port over

TELUS announced plans to acquire Mobilicity’s 250,000 subscribers and 150 employees for $380 million. The deal is still pending “required approvals” from the Competition Bureau, Industry Canada, and Mobilicity’s debtholders, but that hasn’t stopped rival wireless carrier WIND Mobile offering a way to save Mobi customers from their inevitable future.

On Twitter, WIND stated “Mobilicity clients, don’t sweat the future of your plans & services. Switch to WIND & receive up to $365 in savings.” The company is offering up a port-in credit of 1-month free service, amongst other freebies like a SIM card. The promo ends on June 10th, which is the final day the TELUS/Mobilicity acquisition is targeting to close.

Some Mobilcity users have expressed concern over their low-cost plan and if it would be grandfathered when/if TELUS acquires them. TELUS noted on their company blog that Mobilicity’s “wireless service would continue without the risk of disruption. Moblicity’s customers would also join Canada’s most satisfied and loyal customers at TELUS and Koodo.” In addition, in an email to us, TELUS stated that Mobilicity “will continue with the Mobility brand, customer rate plans and network.”

Update: Seems like there is a mini wireless war happening. Steward Lyons, Mobilicity’s CEO, has taken to Twitter and jabbed WIND right back to their comment about the future of Mobilicity, stating “Really? Did you forget to mention your company is for sale?”

Source: WIND Mobile
Via: Twitter