Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 1314 firmware update now available


  • frankyb

    I got the update last week (I have one of the pre-order 920, so I always get the update faster it seems). I have been getting a series of “no sim” error after the update.

  • PrivateBlinky

    I had the exact same issue with Access Point recently (unlocked rogers lumia 920 on MTS). MMS had stopped working all of a sudden. Tried to change apn profiles in the app, the phone wouldn’t mark any of them as the active profile.

    I fixed it by turning off the cell data connection first (so that only voice was working), and then I was allowed to activate my apn profile of choice. Re-enabled data and so far everything’s still working (MMS and tethering).
    Upgraded to 1314 ok this weekend, but have yet to test if the f/w affected those features again.

  • Xaxxus

    If you plan on using a lumia on any other carrier but rogers, your going to have a bad time.

    I got one unlocked to work on telus, no MMS, no tethering, and spotty LTE. Did a bit of research and it turns out the rogers ROM had some tinkering done to it to prevent the sim card settings from being applied properly on their own if you put in another carrier sim.

    I figured flashing a developer ROM to the phone would fix all the problems. Nope. Still didnt work.