SwiftKey updated to version 4.1, adds three new themes and goes half-off


  • Rich

    Best keyboard out there, no question.
    Unless you can’t afford $1.99

    • whatever

      Best keyboard for Android Phones only.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Alot more smoother and quicker than Samsung’s keyboard. It can keep up with speed texting unlike Samsung’s keyboard which is part of the reason I switched to this keyboard. Great job SwiftKey!

    Oh and btw the red theme looks good!

  • wes

    I have both Swype and Swiftkey. Prefer Swiftkey when typing, but prefer Swype when swyping. Also, depending on multilingual use, on Swiftkey you don’t have to switch languages when going from one to the other, whereas in Swype you have to change languages every time. Swiftkey supports Google voice-to-text, whereas Swype forces you to use their own voice to text.

    Overall Swiftkey is more versatile, and fits my uses more, but that’s just me.

  • Adam

    I’ve used Swiftkey for a while, and honestly, I hate it. It’s work prediction with the trace turned on is truly horrible. Even after ‘learning’ for over a month it still sucks. Swype had a much shorter learning period, and after optimizng itself for me, it’s nearly perfect. Made the switch back, hopefully Swiftkey can improve, but it’s not for me.