Bell and Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note receives Jelly Bean upgrade


  • Henry0623

    It’s about time. But already left my Note LOL its collecting dust right now

    • KrispyInTO

      ill buy it off you for 50 bucks

  • Ben Dover

    Can’t wait to get home from work!

  • LarYd

    Why should I update?

  • Kots21

    Working like my S3 very nice. Working on Telus.

  • Ben Dover

    Nothing there. Why can’t these companies just put a file on their website and allow customers to download and install it.

    Why is there a need to use this awful Kies software. My Kies isn’t showing a firmware version and my phone is running the stock rom it came with.

    A colossal failure.

  • Sam

    There’s already a custom rom for the Canadian side of the SGH-I17 on XDA, check it out!

  • Bradley Taylor

    Just checked on my note which is with Bell and showing No Update Available.
    Will just have to wait. Bell is sooo sslloowwww.

  • frankentank

    Does the rooting method change from ICS to Jelly Bean? I’m getting conflicting reports.

  • Chuck

    When the hell does Rogers get the Update for the S3, the S2 model just recieved it, why not the S3?

  • Guest

    Nadda on my Rogers device. Boo!

  • Pitchshifter,

    Allshare app and multi view is missing, other than that runs great.

  • Ben Dover

    Still waiting…

  • balldown

    Just updated, Rogers Note, using Kies. Had to update Kies first then ICS to JB. Takes an hour or so. JB seems slower as other comments say. I hope to figure that out as I just downloaded jb. All home pages need reconfigured etc. Didn’t find Google Now yet. I have a Nexus 10 with vrs 4.2.2 so I’m comparing a bit. Nexus may be the way to go for me!!

    • Christopher

      Hello fellow galaxy note users, to feel the full jelly bean experience finish your update to your device. once it complete back up any or all important files. then go in settings>backup reset>factory reset. clear it all, it takes 10 mins. Start from scratch, add the apps you want. their chance one of the old app or apps had support stopped at ics, plus it fresh start to your phone. you notice a boost in speed and less ram usage. Enjoy!

    • balldown

      Thanks Christopher, that procedure worked well. It’s a fair bit of work and I’m not finished yet – but, JB is much faster now as far as I have seen so far it’s more complete. Once I finish the config to my liking, my Note 1 with JB should last me till my contract is over and I get a new toy. Probably a Note 4 lol. Tnx again.

  • Brian (Ottawa)

    Loaded JB on GS2 Bell. It took 5 days of trying with hanging, inconsistent response, no phone detection, and server down messages. KIES software is junk. Finally got it to load in the morning May 10th (5 days later). There are a few minutes of different screens leading to a final one for a 40 minute download. Then watch the screen on the phone as it loads up for a few more minutes. JB seems like an improvement. I removed widgets for battery level, settings, screen brightness, etc. as they are all now built in functions. ICS was such garbage. I should have stayed on GB and jumped over to JB skipping ICS. Now to try this on my wife’s Note. Here goes another 5 five days I’ll never get back..ugh!

    Pros: Jelly Bean
    Cons: Kies buggy download process

  • Ben Dover

    And the wait continues…

  • Ben Dover

    And the beat goes on…

  • Gordon Cochrane

    Never could get ‘Kies’ to work properly.
    The laptop, Mac, Kies does NOT recognize my Samsung Note 1717R DUH
    Can I upgrade to Jelly Bean through my Mas Powerbook Pro and a USB ?

  • Steve

    Do not update, it slow your Note down 300%

  • Hugh

    Nadda on my bell note. says its up to date, but is 4.04 really the latest?

  • Hugh

    downloaded kies… twenty minutes later.. still not connecting to phone.