Mophie announces 2500mAh juice pack charger for the HTC One

As it did for the iPhone 5, mophie has released a brand new version of its juice pack charger for the HTC One. The $100 accessory adds 2500mAh to the existing 2300mAh battery on the One, effectively doubling the phone’s battery life.

While it does add a bunch of height to the device, the charger is fairly light and adds little thickness to the One’s frame. It also helps protect against scratches to the aluminum body, though only to the sides and back.

The HTC One can last all day if you treat it properly, but we look forward to seeing how far we can take the device on a single charge with the juice pack air. It comes in both black and silver to go with both models of the phone, too.

Expect a full review in the coming weeks.

Source: mophie