Canadians who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S4 start receiving their device


  • AllanVS

    Huh … I got a Telus S4 last night … from a friend who’d had it for a week or so.

    • TriDeka

      Some people would think they had an ‘GS4’ less than a year ago 😉

    • Stephen

      Some people would be morons.

  • Jose Valladares

    Got My Galaxy s 4 yesterday. I per-ordered it a couple weeks back, and when it came to the day before pick up day on Fri (cause i was suppose to pick it up on sat), i got a email, AND a phone call from Bell saying my order would not be ready for sat. They apologized then told me they would give me a 50 dollar credit on my next bill. The next day the day i was suppose to pick up my phone, i got a message that i could pick up my phone on Sunday. lol not bad at all. im happy with waiting a day for an extra 50 bucks off. 🙂 win win for me 🙂

  • disqus_4IH0RDqQ7y

    This is awesome. My preorder through Rogers will be available probably around the same time that it’s available to the public. Way to go Rogers on a successful preorder. Oh, it would be nice to get a $50 credit just like how Bell customers do, no 21 days later.

  • Eric Tang

    I will be picking up mine tomorrow and don’t know if I will be keeping the HTC One or this one.

    • Eric Tang

      To be honest with you the HTC One is an awesome device and I really like the Sense 5.0. However, what bugs me a little is that my screen sometimes flickers (very slight) if I turn off auto brightness and set it to about 30% brightness. I am on my 2nd HTC One and it exhibits the same symptom as the first one.

  • eric

    Supposed to pick mine up this week but Mobilicity f**k us over pretty hard.

  • eric

    Was supposed to get my preorder on Saturday, but Mobilicity pretty much bait and switched. Now I have no idea when I’m getting mine. 🙁

    • HHco

      How much is the gs4 at mobilicity?

  • Eric Tang

    I always buy my phones outright @ Rogers Plus York Mills and Leslie Street.

  • bob

    On my way to pick mine up from the post office it’s the black one baby, woot woot so excited.

  • @Kamal

    Morons like you do not deserve a Galaxy device, go buy a iphone

    • Julius

      You mean he should get a blackberry

    • TriDeka

      Who really deserves a Galaxy device? They practically give them away for free.

  • ThisGuy

    Weird, our system wouldnt even let us sell them until tomorrow.

  • bembol

    I picked it up earlier. I have to say I’m impressed that it doesn’t feel cheap/ plasticky I don’t know if it’s the weight and thinness but I love the feel.

    I’m still playing with it but I am loving it more than I expected.

  • Derek Morrison

    I preordered last Monday from the Bell store in Chinook mall Calgary. I got the call and text on Friday saying that my order was delayed and that they would credit me $50. Then I got a text on Saturday telling me that the phone would be available on Sunday. It took the guy about 20 minutes from the timei walked in untili walked out with my new GS4.

    I Upgraded from the original GS 1 vibrant.
    (Running jelly bean 4.2.2 called Slimrom)

    So far is fantastic. The screen is beautiful, the LTE is very fast and the processor makes the phone fly.

  • Josh Brown

    Anyone hear if rogers s4 has the locked bootloader?

  • AA

    Rogers is finally moving…. .I was #686 about 5 minutes ago and now its #538…. last night I was #989

  • Guyyyyyy

    that’s a sweet packaging box 😮

  • cry0tek

    Waiting for Fido… was something like # six hundred-ish a week before the supposed launch on Apr 27. Now #246. Get your junk moving Fido.

  • cry0tek

    Black. Still 246… looks like they didn’t receive any shipments today. Ugh.

    • gotfetus

      I’m waiting on black. Was in spot 237 on the 27th, now stuck at 99. Keep getting the run around from fido when I call. If you dont get it within 14 days from the 30th release, you get a 50 dollar credit on your bill.

    • cry0tek

      Cancelled my own preorder and picked it up at Best Buy Mobile instead. Thanks for trying Fido /s