Rogers Motorola RAZR XT910 users can now upgrade to Jelly Bean


  • Super_Deluxe

    Umm Rogers what about the Galaxy S3? Are you guys abandoning it already?! -_-

  • RA56

    Got my update notice around 7:00 pm EDT last night (April 25). Works smoothly. Like Justin B said “Props to Moto for keeping this great phone fresh.”.

  • Corks

    umm stupid question…but if my RAZR is unlocked and running on another carriers network (not rogers/fido/chatr) will I still get this update?

    • Corks

      Awesome thanks for the info!

  • disqus_g3MkAXq7rD

    Haven’t gotten mine yet 🙁

  • Matteo Di Iorio

    No update for my RAZR yet 🙁

  • Tarun

    I live in india i have motorola razr maxx xt910 i wanna knowcan i update my ph using this ota update if yes how can i do that can someone explain me. Plzzzzz

    • Raj

      I am from Bangladesh. I am also using Razr Maxx. Waiting for JB for a long time.

  • Rog Diot

    Does it include the real circles weather app? Hope so… No update in Northern Ontario yet.

  • Rog Diot

    So I saw that I have the update however it said that if my sticky notes info is important I should save the info due to sticky no longer supported. Ok fine I save info and now update notification is gone and settings info says I’m up to date no update software needed!
    Talk about waving a carrot in your face… Thanks for nothing.

    • Bobby

      Same thing for me!

    • Rog Diot

      Well, still nothing offered in updates so does it matter or is the update running sluggish or glitchy? Making me wonder if I should commit to the download if I ever see the update a 2nd time. Rumors have it that it creates hesitations when using the phone so I’d not want to bog the phone down further as it presently gets sluggish at times already.

    • Gio

      Me too nothing yet I’m with Rogers

  • kxj

    should have stayed with ICS , after update phone is slow , freezes. now the back speakers produce no sound? only with wired headset plunged in? anyone else have the same issues?

  • T.C

    Finially it’s here!! May 7, 2013.

  • Rog Diot

    Well I finally have the update and WOW I like it very much thank you Motorola. My phone is slick now with no hesitation and the UI is refreshing. Lost flash in Opera but stock browser plays em so that’s fine for now.
    If you feel sluggish try doing a cache reset using the volume up down buttons when turning your phone on. Google xt910 cache reset and you’ll be able to try it.
    Also you can try Nova Launcher from Google Play, it’s a great utility that is customizable… Check it out.

  • Emma H

    Got my update last night but dont like the way its turned my contact book white i liked the black and blue, is there any way to get this back?

  • mahdi

    haven’t get mine any help i live in the middle east

  • mandeep

    No up upgrade jb plz help me my email id plz help

  • Raditya Mitsui Argatama

    no update in my only ics right now

  • mohamed yosuf

    i have version 4.0.4 after that any new version is for update