WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 updated to support the Q10


The BlackBerry Q10 is only coming to Canada on May 1st, but most big-name apps are already being updated to support the new form factor. Games like Tetris, Need For Speed and Angry Birds Star Wars have been rejigged to fit on the 1:1 screen, and now WhatsApp, one of the most important apps for the burgeoning BlackBerry 10 platform, is available for the Q10.

The app arrived on the Z10 in March to great acclaim, as the new operating system had few cross-platform messaging solutions at the time. With BBM numbers on the wane, it was important for the OEM to establish itself as an app destination rather than being forced to build software in-house. WhatsApp has been updated several times since then to fix bugs and add features, and today’s update also improves the situation on the Z10 as well.

WhatsApp is free to use for the first year, and charges $0.99 per year thereafter.

Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry.