BlackBerry 10.1 update coming to Z10 weeks after Q10 launch

BlackBerry announced today that its first major update for the BlackBerry Z10, dubbed BB10.1, will arrive weeks after the release of the Q10 on May 1st.

The update will introduce many of the same features found in the Q10 shipping software, including Pin-to-Pin messaging, contacts suggestions in the Hub, HDR photos in the Camera app, custom message notifications on a per-account basis, in addition to performance improvements and better low-light photos.

The BlackBerry Z10 has seen one update since its launch in early February which cleared up many of the launch-related bugs. It also addressed a major sticking point, battery life, improving it substantially over the shipping software.

Such a significant update is subject to carrier approval, so no word on exactly when the software will hit, but we’d imagine it will be before the end of May.

Source: BlackBerry
Via: Engadget