Rogers expands LTE coverage into 7 new locations, including Stratford and Orillia


  • cdnfreak

    And still no WInnipeg. Largest centre in Canada without LTE

    • Rabid Rotty

      Yeah but the only good thing about the pig is the jets lol.

    • EvanKrosney

      Hey, don’t bash Winnipeg. Only us Winnipeggers are allowed to do that.

    • EvanKrosney

      All I want is a simple explanation from Rogers on why they’re taking so long. I understand that it takes time to get land, permits, and our climate isn’t exactly “construction friendly” from October to May, but this is unacceptable. What’s worse is they promised us LTE back in 2012, and I’m sure many people (including me) signed with them in hopes of getting it soon, with no luck. At least issue some sort of apology and get your head out of a*s, or I’m leaving.

    • Chris

      they must have signed a deal with the devil giving them access to MTS’ towers but making them delay their LTE roll out so MTS could be the exclusive LTE carrier in the province for a period of time – that’s the only explanation I can think of, this is just ridiculous already.

  • bill

    How about updating the rest of the network instead of going to lte

  • gnote

    Sorry Winnipeg, hopefully Elmvale, ON will be next.

  • Petra

    The reason why Tillsonburg has LTE remains a mystery.