Google’s monthly Android dashboard now shows stats of visitors to Google Play, Jelly Bean sitting at 25%

Every month Google releases stats that give a glimpse into the distribution of the various versions of Android. Like clockwork, the percentages of the older versions (Donut, Eclair or Froyo) tend to trail off, while newer versions such as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean amass greater authority.

Google changed things up this month. Rather than showing stats of when a user pings Google’s server, they have now honed the info down to when active users specifically visit the Google Play Store. For the day-to-day Android users this really doesn’t change a thing, but for devs this will help them target and understand their audience a bit better. As for the monthly stats, Gingerbread is still king at 39.8%, Ice Cream Sandwich follows with 29.3%. Jelly Bean is steadily climbing at 25%.

Source: Google Developers
Via: Engadget