Unification for Windows Phone is an honest-to-goodness notification centre replacement

One of the most consistent criticisms lobbed at Windows Phone 7 and later WP8, was its lack of a unified notification hub, somewhere you can go to check all your missed calls, texts, tweets, news briefs and so on. Microsoft claims that its combination of one-off toast notifications and live tiles, which can be configured on a per-app basis to display some missed content, does the trick, but many users would argue otherwise.

Enter Unification. The idea behind this app, which is currently available for Windows Phone 8 but will soon be available for Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 7.5, is an opt-in notification hub where users can check all missed notifications from their favourite apps. The opt-in part means that this is not a Microsoft-backed venture, though it does use the company’s secure Azure Cloud infrastructure to sync all of your data. Developer Liquid Daffodil already has a bunch of apps available on the Windows Store and is giving them away for free to promote the service — Twitter apps glƏƏk! and Cowlick; lockscreen app Locksider+; and social media hot potato game, Flyby!

It’s a great idea and, with enough traction, could be integrated directly into Windows Phone in a future version (if Microsoft hasn’t already begun working on such a thing). At the moment, however, it is more of a technology demo, proving that, with enough interest from developers, this could become the de facto standard.

Check out Unification for Windows Phone.

Source: Windows Phone Store
Via: WPCentral