SwiftKey 4.0.1 fixes HTC One issues and improves prediction quality

Photo 2013-03-26 9 51 17 AM
SwiftKey recently updated its Play Store app to version 4.0 after an extended beta period. It also introduced the popular Flow input method, which allows users to glide between letters instead of tapping them individually.

But, as with any major software update, bugs will find their way to the surface when millions of users begin brandishing their thumbs, and SwiftKey has issued a small 4.0.1 version to alleviate some of the larger issues.

Notably, prediction quality has been improved; this was a sore spot after the 4.0 update as users were complaining of decreased accuracy over previous versions. Also fixed is the lack of a Flow trail — that lovely purple line between letters — on the HTC One. In fact, many of the bug fixes are HTC One-specific, likely due to the 1080p screen and new Sense software.

If you’ve yet to try SwiftKey, there is a one-month trial version available on the Play Store.

Via: SwiftKey