Bell Novatel Wireless MiFi 2 Review


  • Kathryn Abroad

    I just bought Novatel 5792 yesterday from Bell with flex data plan. Love it! Really wanted one that was unlocked so I could use it in Europe and USA, but couldn’t find one that had so many of the features I wanted. Thanks for this great review, it really helped narrow my selection down. ~ Kathryn

  • Mike Wozniewski

    So this device is locked to Bell? Is there an unlocked version that we can put in a different SIM card when we are travelling? Anyone find one?

  • Debbie

    Has anyone else had any trouble with their MiFi 2 quitting on them after about a year? It’s happened twice to me now, but since I’m on a contract with Bell, I had to buy another one. Not happy about this. Shouldn’t the device work at least as long as the contract?

  • maggi

    how do you change mifi2 password

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