Namco brings Pac-Man to Android for free, on-screen joystick and all

Screenshot_2013-03-22-08-32-50 Screenshot_2013-03-22-08-32-30

Namco sure knows how to exploit an old franchise, and while Pac-Man is a seminal brand on big and small screens alike, its presence on mobile has been curiously lacking.

The company has adapted the arcade version, on-screen joystick and all, to Android devices in Pac-Man + Tournaments. The Tournaments part is where the game gets a little more modern (read: in-app purchases and social integration) but you can avoid all that jazz and just stick to the offline mode.

The Tournaments mode promises prizes for the top scorers, but also encourages the purchase of in-game Tokens, which power your entry into the games. It’s a pretty innocuous form of free-to-play, and you can still get a bundle of enjoyment out of the game without spending a penny.

Download Pac-Man + Tournaments for Android.
Via: Android Police