BlackBerry Travel comes to the Z10, boasts new features and social integration

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 2.23.04 PM
BlackBerry has updated its popular Travel app to work with BlackBerry 10 devices. Not only has the app gone through a visual overhaul thanks to the Cascades design guidelines but there are a few great new features for avid travellers and those who love sharing their travel plans with others.

Travel data is now synced with a user’s BlackBerry ID, so all the data is stored safely in the cloud incase your phone goes missing or gets wiped. The app also adds social features, allowing users to post travel plans to Twitter, Facebook or BBM.

Not only can you create a dynamic itinerary of your trip, including flight, hotel and car rental information, but you can check for deals on the latter two categories. BlackBerry claims that if it finds a better deal on your hotel room, it will notify you.

Like TripIt, BlackBerry Travel can scan your email for confirmations and automatically parse that data into usable itinerary entries. It will show flight status and alert users on delays as well.

Looks like a great addition to the core BlackBerry app list, and one more reason not to need a third-party app replacement.

Download BlackBerry Travel for BB10.

Via: TheNextWeb