Microsoft will support Windows Phone 8 until July 2014, no word on what’s next

A support document on Microsoft’s website reveals that the company will end suport of both Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 in the second half of 2014. For Windows Phone 8 the “Mainstream Support End Date” is July 8th, then Windows Phone 7.8 ends in September 9th – both revealing an 18-month support cycle.

Announcing an OS end-support date has been done in the past, but this news is somewhat unusual as Microsoft has yet to announce what version of Windows Phone is coming next. There has been rumours that Microsoft will unveil the “next release” Windows Phone, currently codenamed “Blue,” sometime during the holiday period of this year. However, there’s no indication of what new features will be included.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Engadget