Samsung Galaxy S IV cases leak, create leak synergy

We’ll know exactly what the Galaxy S IV looks like in just over 24 hours, but until then there’s ample room for rumour, speculation and good ol’ leaked photos.

Today, MobileFun, a UK-based retailer, leaked photos of a number of Galaxy S IV cases which, unlike previous rumours, match up perfectly with the pics and videos we saw earlier in the week.

Obviously, these could be quickly mocked-up designs based on prototype hardware, but it seems increasingly likely that the Galaxy S IV will indeed be based largely on last year’s model — not identical, mind you, but close enough for it to be considered a “refresh” of the previous year’s model.

It appears that the GS4, in order to accomodate a larger 2600mAh battery, will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, too, but that should come as no surprise; OEMs have come to terms with the fact that smartphones are getting bigger, thicker and heavier. With a rumoured quad-core processor, 1080p display and Android 4.2.1, the company will need all the battery life it can eke out.

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Source: MobileFun
Via: Droid-life