Koodo Mobile doubles up minutes and data in latest promo


  • gezaim

    For those who don’t live in a wind zone. Koodo is THE best.

    • barry

      I live in a Wind Zone and still prefer Koodo.

      I never go above 1GB anyway so I currently have the $20 plan, with the data saver, usually pay $40 a month.

      Will switch to the double minutes promo and get 100min which is more than enough for my needs.

  • MailmanDelivers


  • Sean

    Cue Fido and Virgin offering the identical plan in 3…2…

  • Jason

    Is this plan available for existing customers or new subscribers only?

    • D

      they are always available to existing customers. Just log into your account and change the plan it’s as easy as that. Once you switch you can’t switch back or to another plan for 30 days.

    • Dar

      yes, just doubled up

  • superfly

    I’ll stick with my double down plan of $56. Save $4. bOOYA!!!

    • EH

      If you bring your own phone… It’s $60-6 = $54.

      Obama: Not Bad.

  • superfly

    @jason…..every plan is for everyone with koodo.

  • NBS

    Pretty similar to their holiday deals. Only differences is the price of the top plan ($56 instead of $60) and the overage: I got the $30 plan, which is 2 cents/MB (or $2/100MB) instead of $5/100MB. I don’t remember the overage on the others but I think it was the same.

    Still good deals though.

  • crimsona

    The holiday plan gave 300 mins and 500 MB for $45

    Now the $45 plan gives 400 mins and 1 GB data, and they have bring your own phone for 10% off too

    • jnrbshp

      can anyone confirm the 10 percent off deal? I was shopping around for new plans during the holidays and when I ask people at Koodo and virgin mobile they both said they didn’t offer the 10 percent. has anybody gotten this offer recently?

    • cheenachatze

      Very true. I joined during the holidays, and this plan is better.

    • JP

      The sim-only discount happened after the holidays, thats why you couldn’t get it then.

  • JC Chong

    One of my current line is with Virgin and I actually wouldn’t mind switching to the new $45 plan. I’ll wait and see if Virgin will respond to this.

  • LugNuts McGruff

    I gotta be really honest with you…

    $60 for 2Gigs of data sucks donkey balls anyway you slice it.

    Perhaps I’m still feeling spoiled from my recent trip down south where $30 on T-Mobile afforded me unlimited data (first 5Gigs unthrottled).

    Who’s to know, all I know is that I know what that feeling feels like when I’m getting ripped off, and I can tell you this “generous offer” is giving me that feeling that I’m getting ripped off.

    • placator

      then move “down south”

    • Porilaisten

      Except it’s not $60 for 2GB – it’s $60 for 2GB and unlimited calling.

    • D

      accept t-mo coverage sucks, try verizon or att prices. They make koodo look like a rock star.

    • D

      Hey LugNuts, I can’t find any $30 plan on tmobile site… unlimited is $95 a month. Can you give me a link to the plan you got? I want to see if it’s available in my area.

  • BS Detector

    Is it unlimited Canada calling?

  • Guy Fawkes

    @Jason – Just changed it in my account settings from canada-wide to canada-wide double 60. So its available to everyone i m guessing.

    • barry

      unfortunately i just made a change this billing cycle, but i think i’ll be able to switch before the promo ends.

      it’s once every billing cycle not every 30 days isn’t it?

    • JP

      It should be twice per billing cycle.

  • EvanK

    Wow, for a budget plan that $30 deal is pretty good. And with 10% off for us BYOD customers, it’s another $3 off to add to the savings. I think I’ll finally be switching!

  • Rich

    Woohoo! Now if only Koodo CS reps weren’t jerks… (ever talked to retentions or cancelled? Wow)

    • Porilaisten

      You would be too if all you did was talk to people all day who bitc# and moan and want more because they feel entitled to a new house, new car, $100,000 and an all inclusive trip for 4 to the Caribbean for a month because they have been a long time customer with their $15 /month plan.

    • Andrew

      Yup. Work for shaw. People who yell or throw a his system fit demanding more can go f*** themselves. Yelling at me on the phone. Get some manners and respect for human beings.

    • Andrew

      His system fit = hissy fit
      But for real though. I get yelled at like 5 times a day, over almost nothing most of the time.

  • Mike

    Nothing beats my koodo promo I got last year.
    250 Canada wide Daytime minutes, unlimited incoming calling, unlimited Canada Wide 6pm evenings and weekends, Unlimited Text and picture messaging, 6gb of data, roaming anywhere in Canada included. Voicemail and Caller Id included all for $60 per month. Now thats what I call a great promo. 6gb data is awesome, Don’t need that many daytime minutes cause I can call for free anywhere in Canada and United states using Fongo app anyway. Koodo should bring back this promo for everyone. People don’t need unlimited calling, all you need is a good data plan now a days, cause all you need is fongo, and get a free local number and call anywhere in canada and united states for free.

    • $50 Thunder Bay plan FTW!

      $50 Thunder Bay plan says hi 😉

  • jay

    #sean don’t forget is one dollar cheaper…3.2….

  • Kevin

    Another price match war with other brands begins!

  • Jeff

    In Saskatchewan/Manitoba the $60 plan has 5GB of data.

  • joe public

    How is kodoo cover in BC, not a bad package as I’m with bell and getting robbed every month.

  • James

    NOT BAD.


    $50 For 6 GIGS
    250 min
    LONG DIST $ 0.08/

  • Dana

    What are their LTE speeds like?

  • Big 3 Crooks

    LOL ! I get unlimited everything from Mobilicity for only $25 !

    • EvanK

      Including unlimited dropped calls! 😉

  • mike

    @big3 crooks. Its not unlimited when you leave your small pitiful home zone. How much is overage charges when you leave. And mobilicities data isn’t unlimited. Its capped at 5gb after that they throttle you very slowly which ultimately isn’t a useful data connection. And besides Mobilicity throttles everyone and data is very slow. And hows your indoor coverage like with all the dropped calls and no signal. And all the miss calls cause of no signal indoors. Every time I call my friends that are on either wind or Mobilicity 1 out of 5 calls to threw fine. But 4 out of 5 of those calls go directly to their voicemails cause of poor connection service they have.
    Nothing beat my 6gb plan I’ve got with Koodo for $60 bucks. With unthrottled data. And with very fast and reliable data speeds. And my coverage is Canada wide not small pitiful zone like Mobilicity or wind. And koodo’s indoor connection coverage is the best. And Koodo has LTE speeds. Mobilicity and wind do not. I’ve tried wind and Mobilicity but I couldn’t stand all the miss calls or dropped calls and the very slow data speeds. I love Koodo with their reliable service and huge national coverage.

  • Mike

    And FYI Mobilicity’s and Wind Mobiles Data Speeds are slower than 2g or Edge that Rogers old Network use to have back in early 90’s.

    • Nexzen

      what in the world are you talking about? I use wind all over the GTA about 4.7gb per month data on average. Get around 2.5mbps to 10mbps download speed.

  • Gideon

    These plans are not bad but they have cranked up all the overage rates a ton! On data I used to pay .45 cents per MB on Koodo while using data in the USA now with these new plans I’ll pay $5 per MB! That means at least $10 to check google maps once and look at the boarder wait times when it used to cost me $1… So be aware if you head south often.

  • mike

    @Gideon very simple suggestion when traveling south of the border. 1) unlock your smartphone. 2) once your in the plane take out your Sim card. 3) once you land in a southern city to go a local cellphone company in the city buy a Sim card on a prepaid accountfor your short vacation. 4) put it in your smartphone. And wow now enjoy cheap prices in a local city your visiting. And never have overage charges from your Canadian cellphone company. Will anyone learn by now. Never use your Canadian cellphone in another country And save roaming charges. Pretty simple and stop be dumb i****s complaining after your vacation when you get your cellphone bill with a $ thousand dollar bills. People can be dumb

    • D

      if you read gideon’s message he says check border wait times… so i assume he’s driving over and only staying a few hours or overnight. Hardly worth all the effort explained in your rant. A better suggestion is to pull up to a mcdonalds and use their free wifi. koodo also have a $10 addon for unlimited text for 3days in the states.

  • gnote

    Thanks Mobile Syrup!
    After trying to work a good deal out of Fido for months, I’ve finally switched to Koodo. Got the 45/mo plan – 10%.

  • barry

    Thought I would need to wait until my next billing cycle (made a change this past billing cycle) to make the change, but got a txt from koodo saying they’ve doubled my minutes!