Update: Leaked renders show off what the Samsung Galaxy S IV could look like (but probably not)


  • Ozie

    He’ll no!

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      If the Galaxy S4 has no physical home buttons, then that is the end of the line for Samsung. Whatever advantage they had is gone now.

  • iamhacked

    The latest rumor from sammobile based on AnTuTu benchmarks showed physical buttons, and looks like Samsung fans will be never ready for on-screen buttons. A dedicated menu button in 2013, seriously?

  • yoda


  • KD

    I highly doubt they would release a phone without a home button after the Note 8.0, Note 2, etc all had one. Plus this is far too close to the Z10 and HTC One style…. I’m looking forward to it, but hope it isn’t a massive screen…

  • Beyonce

    Looks to similar to LG’s line of devices and I doubt Samsung would imitate another Korean manufacturer. I expect way more of a curvy look.

  • freedomispopular

    That looks like it’s about a 5.5″ screen. I doubt the GS4 will be much larger than the GS3, if at all.

  • LukeiPhone

    So if they are coming out with a 16, 32 and 64GB storage S4s, then that most likely means there won’t be any external storage micro Sd slot.

    • Tad Morose

      Nope. S3 was also offered with 16/32/64 GB and it has a microSD slot.

    • Derek

      Seeing as it’s running 4.2, I doubt it’ll have an sdcard slot. Google(quietly) removed the ability to mount drives on android 4.2 which is why apps such as sshfs and cifs don’t work properly on 4.2.

  • Cray

    It almost looks like the LG Optimus G Pro?

  • tomatoes 11

    The bezels are smaller than the Xperia Zl. If these leaks are accurate, like evleaks usually is, this thing will be tiny for a 5 inch phone.

    But it looks way too fat in those leaks. Hopefully they don’t do something stupid like a 4:3 aspect ration. Apple was retarded for using 16:9 for such a tall and skinny screen but they shouldn’t make a 5 inch screen that short and squat. It just doesn’t look cool and an almost bezeless phone should look very cool.

    • Gman

      proportion is fake, ZL already confirm to be even smaller than S3 overall. S4 also confirmed to have 4.8″ screen. That pic is 100% fake and not even close to the real time probably.

  • til-bar

    Samsung played this game so well last year. Calculated leaks and near flawless secrecy of the true design.

    This is the same thing. Expect more leaks like this, but none of them resembling the real deal.

    It’s great buildup for the show on the 14th!

  • Dana

    Stop making the damn screens bigger! 4.65-4.7″ is nearly perfect!
    Improve the display technology instead! Better colour reproduction! Less power consumption! Things like that.

    • migo

      I’d say 4.65 is also too big. 4.2″-4.5″ depending on the aspect ratio is where they should sit.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see S4 sales drop from the S3 given the Note 2 didn’t sell nearly as much as the S3.

  • Android fan

    are you kidding Mobile syrup there is no way that could be sad and Samsung next Galaxy 4 that is 1 ugly looking phone

  • Kelly

    Those pics are fake. No way Samsung would make one butt ugly phone. That’s something LG would do though.

  • Dave

    Looks big.

  • S2556

    I would love it if they got rid of the physical buttons.

  • I call bs

    This looks identical to what they thought the s3 would look like last year…. This is bull Shit, it’s not Gonna look a thing like that

  • hopeless

    That is one Bad-Ass phone. 1080p HD gorilla glass 2 . specifications are a must buy.

  • General Zod

    Except for the size. It’s even bigger than an S3? Can’t they make a high end phone thats comes in size closer to the s2?

  • Alex

    I still don’t understand why anyone would pay for such phones any longer when you can get a Nexus 4 for 300$ no contract.

    • smackd

      Because not everybody wants a watered down sub-smartphone with a shitty screen.

  • Lg Guy

    I still prefer my nexus 4. These phones don’t excite me anymore. I more see phones as an investment. If you try to keep up with the newest device you will never be satisfied. Every phone I bought last year I was able to flip and double my money thus making my nexus 4 free.

    • Who Cares

      No one cares about your personal profits or preference…..moron

    • Craig

      I’m with you …. I’ll stick to the N4. When the latest software comes out, the S4 will once again wait months for the update.

  • MaXiM

    Everything but the battery was mentioned. I don’t care if it cooks and is capable to bear my children if the battery won’t go through a day…

  • Keith

    With this size and resolution, I fail to see the point of the Note going forward. Just add the stylus to the S4.

  • drone

    You hippies that want the on-screen buttons,go grab a Nexus 4 or HTC One. Leave us power users with the Physical home button Galaxies. kthxbai.

  • Siv

    It be awesome if they kept the home button but have to say that if the Galaxy S4 is as big as the Note 2 then I’m game. Don’t know why but I totally like the whole phablet design.