Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx coming to Rogers for $225


  • COBwiggy

    I had one with Virgin, it is a TERRIBLE phone. Extremely laggy. And that price is actually higher than Virgins, theirs is 200

    • izdane

      It’s one of those phones that Samsung puts together during a lunch break

  • MOHAMED Hamit

    Is this the same one koodo has and I Boughy it for 150 outright?

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Still better than an Iphone.

  • izdane

    THe phone is extremely laggy but its screen is much better than I expected.

  • ipaine

    Decent phone for the kids. Got my daughter one for christmas and it does the job it needs to. Is it the fastest phone out there? Not a chance but it is cheap. Good for the young ones.

    And like someone mentioned I got it for $150 from koodo. Spent another $20 to unlock it and it has been working great since then.

  • saqrkh

    but for $25 more you could get a Lumia 620 from Telus, and that is dual core, has NFC, runs smoothly, etc.

    • glonq

      Or a Samsung Galaxy IIx, which makes the Lumia look about as crappy as … the Galaxy Ace IIx 😉

  • Bubble Snake!

    Pancakes taste better than this phone. For sure.

  • Oh Hi!!

    Its pretty much the S3 mini from Europe isn’t it? Just Called the Ace2

  • S2556

    this phone is a POS! my friend had it that bought it after his iphone smashed. Then he started telling me how sh*tty android is! LOL
    I used it though, it is really really low end for 2013. screen wasn’t too bad though

  • Md Imtiyaz