HTC Zoe Share Is Live On The Web, The One Can’t Come Soon Enough

One of the more impressive aspects of the HTC One launch was its Zoe camera, which passively combines video clips and stills into a short presentation set to music. Zoe was inspired by the word ‘zoetrope’, a mechanism used to convey story or meaning through motion.

HTC’s interpretation of that concept takes users’ content and edits it together to form what appears to be a linear sequence of events. The Zoe Share website, which went up over the last few days, already has several user-submitted entries, glimpses of lives in both moving and static forms. One example, a group of girls at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, is largely ineffective at telling a tale; it is a merely a series of vanity shots interspersed with scenes of fish and macaroni. The music is all wrong; the edits jarring and wooden.

Another example, an 18th birthday party, is more focused, and captures meaningful moments set to a more engaging soundtrack. It was in this one I saw the great potential for Zoe, especially if HTC can bring this to a wider audience.

With a launch price of $149.99, the HTC One is going to be a hard sell against the Samsung Galaxy S IV, but features like Zoe, which connected with me before I’ve even had a chance to play with the device at home, speaks to how the company has grown in the past year.

For a demo of HTC Zoe, check out our hands-on with the One.
Via: Droid-life