BlackBerry Z10 price dropped to $99.99 on 3-year at select Best Buy locations this weekend



    GALAXY NOTE 2??????

    • BB 99er

      FYI, the playbook dropped in January to the promissed $99 bucks (Actually $98 and change) at Staples. The funniest thing is that its so late for the device that nobody cares anymore and people just skip the Playbook and get a $199 decent tablet and up.

      Z10: after the lukewarm reception and the 9 days of media attention they enjoyed before we all moved to the HTC ONe, LG Optimus G Pro, F7; the Xperia Z the Samsung S4 ( All coming from now to end of April)

      $499 at Koodo is simply too high for that phone.
      $99 on a two yr contract is what the market MAY pay.

      Just google: “Moving contacts from BB to Android/iPhone” to get an idea of the customer-exodus!

  • WP74Life

    I tried the Z10 and I was not impressed.
    Still, if it was cheaper I could possibly be an option.
    “Once you go WP, you never go back”

  • rockman29

    “Once you go WP, you never go back”

    You got to be crazy… I’ve never heard anyone say this ever hahaha.

    • jjj

      Yah you’re right, all people ever tell me is once you go BlackBerry you never go back…


  • Tom

    Yikes, isn’t that a bit quick for the price slashing to start?

    Here we go.

    • tom cant read

      It’s to celebrate the new Best Buy mobile grand openings in certain locations.

      Next time, read the article completely, not just only the tidbits you like.

  • JV

    Hahahahahahahaahahahahaha! Oh RIM… lol Hahahahahahahahaahahahahaahaha!

  • Matt

    They’re having the same Grand Opening sale at Pacific Centre in Vancouver.

  • Dimitri k.

    Funny how others forget how most phones with Best Buy almost a month after they put down the prices..

    • Mark

      Not when people waiting in line fork over money they don’t. Price decreases depend on quantity of phones being demanded by buyers. And this is a bit soon to a price cut in a long anticipated phone.

  • Alexandru

    Hi Guys,

    The drop in price has nothing to do with the phone itself.
    BestBuy is trying to survive financially in any way possible due to their recent financial troubles.
    They are trying to become attractive to clients to activate phones from them.
    Is that simple.

    On the other hand I agree with the fact that BB Z10 is over priced. The real price should be around 450$.

    All the best,

  • sp

    i dont get why people seem to be amused by this.

    this is a special promotion by BestBuy not by Blackberry.

    whats there to laugh about JV?

  • Sweet

    Don’t buy it ! Subsidized phones are hurting the industry. Contact Best Buy and other independent retailers and encourage them to sell phones outright and without activation or a service plan, just like they sell TVs and laptops. I already did that to Best Buy, FutureShop and WirelessWave. The Source is owned by Bell, so your words will probably fall on deaf ears there. The same thing with Black’s which is owned by Telus.

  • skippypaccino

    Still a rip off….when you go 2 year contract, you never look back.

    Z10 at 199$ on a 2 year contract would be a much better deal.

  • SkyDome

    Every phone should be free on 3-year term.
    Even better, there should not be 3-year terms.

  • Happyboy

    Unless you live in Ontario why would you want wood you go with rogers

  • nexus4 is the best

    wait for few days, it will be $0 on three years jail term across all locations and retailers. met few ppl who bought it and now they are regretting.

    • sp

      now i know you are talking crap.

      everyone that i have done an upgrade to the Z10 for has had nothing but crazy praise for the phone. they are loving it and is a fresh take on new cell tech.

      everyone as well that has seen it and have done a live demo have been amazed by it.

      stop spouting your propaganda and lies

  • Android fan

    HTC one the end

  • Mike

    Who cares bout contract price drops, all phones on 3 year contracts should be $0 anyways. Whats more important here is a price drop on the outright price now that would be a real discount. decrease in contract prices isn’t a real discount anyway.

    • Sweet

      BestBuy and FutureShop only sell phones outright with an activation. So if you buy a phone there, you have to sign with the Big 3.

      The Z10 that Koodo et al. sell most probably works on Wind’s, Mobilicity’s and Videotron’s networks, according to the specs. So we probably could buy the phone there, unlock it and use it on the New 3’s networks. That is, if the New 3 will sell you a SIM for it.

      I’m holding out because I’m confident Mobilicity will sell the phone outright for less than Koodo. Otherwise, I might just stick with my basic phone and just update my iPod Touch.

  • LeafsFan77

    Wow, it’s offered at two locations for a few days and people think it’s a permanent national price drop. People are so quick to judge here. It’s a door crasher of sorts. Put a popular item on sale to attract customers to come out.

  • hmm

    I wonder if I could PM at FS instead of heading over to Centerpoint…

  • MikethemaN

    That’s why everywhere from Alberta to Ontario people are asking to trade them for iPhones and androids right? Just look at kijiji. Hundreds upon hundreds of barter deals are being begged for.

  • Dave

    $99.99 on pre paid for all it worth, get real Rim!