Video: Here’s Samsung’s teaser Super Bowl ad


  • Eduardo

    Where’s Walter White?

    • RIM Stock

      Can we say this phone will be the demise of the phone that is “a Berry that is not white?”

      Can we say this phone will stop on its track the “Doors with glass panels – eight” phones?

      Can we say: This phone will take the “Me-Communication device?” for a TOUCH and leave it DOWN??
      -Ye, yes, yes! we are done here; ITS a WRAP PEOPLE!!

  • Azzo

    Oh this commercial just made my day!

  • Jaga

    Its actually hilarious, love Seth Rogen

  • romes

    not impressed…

  • Omega Jimes

    I actually love Bob Odenkirk more than both those two combined. That guy is genuinely hilarious. I’m glad he’s in front of the camera now.

  • Haroon

    It would be fun if Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were in this too

  • Marco

    Lol amazing

  • coop3422

    Looks like all the money went to the 3 people cast in the commercial. That said, it was funny so who cares haha.

  • Sweet

    What an annoying commercial.

    • Jaga

      your annoying

  • mjolnir

    hahaha really like samsung commercials as of late

  • MapleHamwich

    That was awesome. Can’t wait to see the full Superbo… Ad.

  • aviking

    The San Francisco 50 -1’ers vs Baltimore black birds

    Can’t wait for the BIG PLATE…

  • BB

    Is this BB11?

    • GrapeApe

      No! But your username and that term are trademarks of Daisy so prepare to get Sue-eded !!

  • Justin

    You forgot mention Bob Odenkirk in this article. The dude is a brilliant writer/comedian.

  • Jake

    This commercial is a joke.

  • Jack

    LOL this commercial makes my day every time I watch it. Samsung rocks.

  • Dan

    I thought the “we don’t want to get sued” was a shot at Apple.

    They could have done so much more with it…

  • Rim must be nervous

    just got back from there launch event. it was nice free boos. i honestly gotta say the z10 is absolutely terrible. the douche bag tries so hard to hype up features i have seen since 2010. the phone steals so many outer elements from the iphone its not even funny. it was very laggy and buggy. the Q10 seems much better built and more thought went into it. the android apps are also gingerbread looking. not trying to bash rim but the z10 is massively overpriced. i will applaud them for event flo rida performed and they gave away phones which seemed rigged cause groups of friends were winning z10. some packy git got arrested for trying to steal 3 z10. that was amusing. all in all great launch event. i recommend waiting till spring for the Q10. Full touch is not rimss forte.

    • Big Baby

      Sorry you didn’t get a chance to win one of those laggy and buggy devices. Better luck next time.

      And the fact that you’re unable to elaborate on the iPhone outer elements that blackberry ripped off is laughable. But guess what though… lets see if Apple sues Blackberry for these so called outer elements (cause eeeverybody knows, Apple sues). If no lawsuit, then you know you f’d up talking fish right? lol

  • YES

    Screw Samsung, and shame on Rogen and Rudd for selling out to these Korean scoundrels!

  • Slype

    Korean Scoundrels? Are you hurt because another country has outwitted Apple? (who seems to be devoid of any humour whatsoever)

    It’s time to put on your big boy pants and realize that North America has put the boots to the rest of the world for years so expect a bit of push back/competition. It’s how it works. If you don’t like competition or the latest technology, then go back to your iOS device and come back to the site next October for your once a year product refresh review.

  • Alex

    I actually laughed my a*s off. No reference to Apple here whatsoever ahahah