Google+ and Google Play Music for Android updated


  • Adam

    One feature I’d really like to see in Google Music is the ability to sort by folders, because fixing mp3 ID3 tags can be a pain. Also, I’m really, really, REALLY hoping for the day that the online Google Music service becomes available in Canada.

  • Code

    Set up a quick proxy (stealthy for chrome is a good option) and sign up for a google music account. It only checks during registration, then you can use it like normal.

  • Adam

    I wish I knew people who used Google+ over facebook, as i’d love to use google+ more. but I see no reason for doing so since my main social network is available on facebook.

    Google Music update is awesome though! the new default album art needed a rehash

    • Stuntman

      I find that people I connect with on FB tend to be people I have actually met in person. People I connect with on G+ tend to share more interests with me. Even though I have never met most of the people I connect with on G+, I have way more engaging conversations with them than with people on FB.

  • Steve

    I wanted to mention that previously, you couldn’t get Google Play Music from the Play Store if you were running CyanogenMod. I’m not sure if this is a new development, but I’m running CM10.1 and I was finally able to download Google Play Music.

    I’d use Apollo but it really hates my music formatting or something. Google Play Music shows all my albums organized and with the proper cover art. 🙂

  • Frank

    I tried setting up Google Music for my brother. Won’t work, I get prompted for a US credit card which they charge 0$ to verify ur American…

  • Blair

    I’d rather see Google music available in more then 2 countries. I mean Android controls 70% of the world smart phone market and Google music is probably the only music service out there that isn’t available globally.
    Even RIM/Blackberry was able to relaunch Blackberry world with a full featured music service available globally.
    Makes sense right?

  • royf29

    it wont let me install. It says : Unknown error code during install: -24. Anyone knows what that means.

  • Matty

    Really waiting on Play Music to be fully supported in Canada. I can’t wait for the ability to store your music in their cloud and stream it to your devices. I plan on getting a Nexus 4. I won’t have the option of using my 32 GB micro SD card so I’d be relying on that to be able to have access to all my music at once.

    • BV

      You can easily use the streaming services for Google Play Music in Canada. Like suggested above, just sign up on your computer using a US proxy. It only verifies your IP one time when you register, and never again. Been using it for over a year now. You can upload all your music to the cloud, you just can’t buy stuff in their store.

  • Jordan

    When will I be able to use Google Music’s Website to transfer my iTunes music to my Android??????

  • Kadenza78

    You need more than a VPN to get Google Music in Canada now. It worked when I did it, but now that I’ve converted my husband from iPhone to Android, I can’t set him up with a Google Music account. It now wants you to enter a US credit card to “verify” you’re American. I don’t have one of those. Frustrating.