BlackBerry 10 shown off at CES one last time before announcement (video)


  • talarico

    I have to admit – I’m getting excited for the BB10 devices myself.:) Hopefully RIM can deliver competitive devices.

    • Thomas

      I’m an Android user and I’m excited too. Whether I end up using a BB or not, I want RIM to at least stay relevant in the market and promote competition. Plus, it’s Canadian!



      RIP RIM

      WELCOME 2013

    • REDRUM

      Years later and this is what they come up with. Are you all excited? There is only two paths RIM can take: sink or swim. What are the chances that it can survive in the market right now. Amongst the fandroids, isheep and *derogative term for windows users*.
      RIP RIM

  • Graham

    You know, yes I am excited for it. I am generally happy with Android, but I would be very happy to see Blackberry come out with a high-end, competitive product. It seems, at least, that they are learning a thing or two about generating hype and anticipation!

  • Darren

    The app situation will determine whether it sinks or swims. By all accounts, the hardware is up to the task. Love to see it quickly knock WP8 out of third!

    • hoo dat

      122,000 “worthwhile” apps and counting, plus the support of heavy duty app developers. There will be some real surprises at launch.

    • chm985

      Actually BlackBerry is still in third place. The just need to keep themselves there because now there are going to be two other new OS’s other than WP8

  • sp

    very excited for BB10 and RIM to come out with this!!

    gonna be great!!

    take my money already RIM…TAKE IT

  • BD

    I’ve currently got a Note 2 and I love my android however that Blackberry 10 OS is just so slick. I used to own many blackberries back in the day and truly wish RIM’s future success.

  • Scott

    Looks like RIM have tried to go beyond the typical touch screen user interface we see on Android and IOS to deliver some new capability, which is the right thing to do given that they are playing catch-up. If they just delivered a “me too” experience, it wouldn’t be enough to get users to switch. Hope they pull it off!

  • finiguy

    It truly looks like RIM is about to release a fantastic product, but the competition is very strong. They’ll need to push to get incredible apps available ASAP and ensure that they keep with updating the hardware to pace the industry standards. I’ll definitely BB10 serious consideration, and if it’s too good to put down once I’ve got one in hand perhaps I’ll get back into Blackberry.

  • Cyrus

    Looks really Amazing! We still haven’t seen all the features, can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

  • finiguy

    *likely GIVE BB10

  • me2

    mobilesyrup review of bb 10 after it launches 9.5/10
    every other tech site review of bb 10 after it launches 7/10

    • sp

      that’s your opinion.

      wait until the actual reviews come out.

    • hoo dat

      Ooh I do love a good conspiracy theory! Shame this one’s not very good.

  • drone

    That central hub feature and the ability to quickly navigate around without switching apps is AMAZING!.

    Wish there’s a launcher on Android that does that. Wonder if it’s Go launcher.

    • kennypowers

      die slow android

  • kennypowers

    people who keep complaining about rim not having enough apps should shampoo my b@lls. RIP ANDROID & APPLE 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Brandon-123

    The RIMpire Strikes Back!

    All of my family and friends are supporting RIM. They are Canadian and have a great product!

  • john

    Way to take credit for your keyboard touch point sensing and predictive text. Oh wait…. I already have that with Swiftkey 3 for Android.

    • Joe public

      Swift key is a crappy app that has pathetic predictive text and spelling for a crappy os.

      RIP Android Mc Donalds new happy meal toy.

    • skullan

      Oh, you mean that app you have to buy as opposed to being built into the core OS?

      Poor comparison.

  • pacalis

    A few cute ideas. But honestly, it seems slow (lots of “hourglass”). It also seems complex. As many screens have very little information. There are lots of embedded screens. this suggests it’s got a high learning curve and will be difficult to navigate.

    I don’t see this as competitive. Not with the three other OSs out there.

    • skullan

      High learning curve? Are we watching the same video?

    • hoo dat

      Hourglass? Where? Time stamp(s) please.

      While we’re at it I’m noticing an awful lot of positive things being said by, what are normally, anti-RIM tech sites. Latest example is BGR who normally go out of their way to bash RIM have really changed their tune about BB10 recently.

      A sample snippet: “The result is a UI that lets users easily jump between apps without the need to return to a home screen between steps. Combined with gesture support, RIM may have indeed simplified the smartphone user experience in several key ways.”

      That’s BGR for crying out loud!

      So, Pacalis, time stamps of the hour glass if you please because I’m not seeing it in the video I’ve just watched. Or any other for that matter.

  • Darren

    @pacalis: So you’ve used the final production model, then? Interesting, seeing how it hasn’t been released yet.

    • pacalis

      @Darren the OS is pretty close to production.

      @Skullen that hub looks interesting until you realize that the hub is accumulating info from all channels and so it’s not really a notification system as much as it is a super-application, a MS Works for mobile. So this will be like other BBs, a nice phone that buries the app experiences.

  • Fandroid

    RIM never interviewed me when I applied for a position, they deserve to fail – all you guys would say the same thing – you know it!

  • babablacksheep

    Keep propping up the stock RIMheads and RIM employees. All you RIM fans love to give RIMjobs to RIM executives.

    I’m Canadian, and I’ve never cared for RIM. What has RIM ever done for me? I’m not supporting a s**t company just because they’re Canadian.

    That and the Canadian and business media propping up RIM. What a scam, artificially inflate the stock, then sell and profit before RIM implodes.

    6 Blackberry models? Are they kidding? With the low amount of cash they have left? They’ll go bankrupt.

  • Rossy

    I saw this guy at Ikea. He had a BB to his ear that I have never seen before. Must of been the new one!

  • gnote

    This would be an awesome phone, if Android phones didn’t exist.

  • Stupid

    Well done interview.

    Awesome screen. Reasonable size.

    Great looking keyboard. Love that there is no word bar taking up extra room.

    The hub combined with gestures looks sweet. Could save an hour or two daily.

    Can’t wait to get one.

  • chm985

    I want one so bad I keep dreaming about it. It is pretty depressing when I wake up and there is no bb10 phone in my hand. BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!