The Best Tablets for Canadians (January 2013 edition)


  • Sean

    Pretty good list, never thought of the Sony Tablet S like that but it does seem like a good tablet. Also surprised, but able to understand the lack of iPad 4, it’s just not as good as it use to be

    • Ontario Teacher

      Please support your teachers, McGuinty is cutting our wages and reducing our way of life. Teachers deserve annual wage increases.

      Thank you.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      McGuinty realized teachers don’t work for two months and is compensating for it.

  • Educated Canadian.

    Anything by Apple, since it is always premium quality stuff.

    • ace

      “premium quality” and a “free” or “open” design are very different things. You can be locked into the way Apple wants you to use their products… or use them how you actually want too. I would rather pay $200 for an android tablet than an ipad that costs x3 as much, and the specs are even on par performance wise…

      haha im so hypocritical… written on a macpro 😛

  • Varroa

    Just picked up a Asus transformer Pad for $300 on boxing day and this thing rocks for the price! I think you should consider sale prices when doing this list in January.

    • monsterduc1000

      Yep, great Great tablet! Picked up my 32 gb 10.1 inch Asus tf300t for$278, regularily $400 at Visions Electronics. Has the same processor as the Nexus 7 with same screen resolution so app integration should not be an issue, has an 8 mp back camera as well as as a 1.2 mp front camera, expandable storage and hdmi out. Pretty amazing deal for only a little bit more than the nexus 7 🙂

  • Jimmy

    Bought the Nexus 7 and I’ve been glued to the device ever since.

  • AP

    I think the Note 10.1 ought to be on here as well.

  • Threecube

    Yeah I love my Nexus 7. At first I had a sour taste in my mouth with how pre-orders and shipping went but it was all worth it in the end. It’s nice to see too that a fair bit of the apps are optimized for the tablet now too.

  • TZM

    I got two Nexus 7 32 GB’s tablets over Christmas and glad I did. One I gave away as a present. Great device and a good price.

  • Tom

    Sounds like the Nexus 10 will be a good choice once the issues are resolved.

    With the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Google’s starting to give the impression that they can create great products at incredible prices, but need to add a couple of months to their schedules to get the kinks worked out.

    I have been fortunate – my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 were perfect from day one – but it sounds like others have had problems and that is unfortunate.

  • Mr.Mobile

    btw the 199 /209 Nexus 7 doesn’t exisit anymore! There is on the 32 gig model at 269.00 and currently a newer LTE version at 310.00 and who the hell sinks 599.99 to 649.999 and doesn’t even buy the added keypad /cover lol wow FAIL on all levels ! Who is actually gonna carry around this tablet and a keyboard and mouse ?? Kinda defeats the purpose of the touchpad/keypad protecting cover doesn’t it ?? And it’s failry easy to recommmand a product that no one can get thier hands on in North America due to shortages and delays lol!! WOW ! That be like me saying the Asus Vivo Tab smart ( when it has no rerelased date and was shown at CES 2012 last year when this CES is approaching in a few weeks for CES 2013 !!

  • Mr.Mobile

    The shocker for me not even being an Apple fa you picked the mini was close to his dying days Steve Jobs so no way no how he would ever enter the mini/7 inch tablet market with his Ipad!! Yet almost a year after his death APple puts one out !! Way to stomp on the legacey and last days of a man who scorned any type opf move in this market ! Only to turn aorudn it it only does half of the things the bigger version does and it’s made up of older gen parts/chipset!! No maps , no TV etc !! Shoud have been called mini fail! Yet more of a big fail for this site to herald it to we Canadians!! I mean who is writing this crap now soemone from the United States !???

  • Mr.Mobile

    wow theres a shocker comments deleted !! Just as a shocker the Infinty Pad was not mentioned or an alternative to the crappy non expandable Nexus 7 in the Asus TF 300 !!! At the same or close price point and more than 240 nit more liek close to the 300 close to it’s name sake and better cam and video taking and expandable memory !

  • Ron Mexico

    All great tablets. The problem is no one is buying any of them except the Nexus, the Kindles and the iPads.

    • monsterduc1000

      I bought a Transformer 😀

    • jonno

      I hear ya there, I’m still loving my “crappy” Playbook that I got last year at Christmas, it does all I need it to and more! Considering even going out and picking up a larger capacity one, but I’ll wait ’til BB10 launches and see if a new model comes out first.

  • dave

    All hail the still mighty HP DouchePad, now featuring Jellybean 4.1.2, with Project Butter goodness!! The best $150 tab ever!!

  • GlassBackbadIdea

    A tablet with 2560×1600 resolution is the number one tablet in my book (Nexus 10)

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      I do wish however if the Nexus 10 was in the $300 range 🙁

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      If only it had a glass backing like the N4, I would buy it right away! =)

  • surfacable

    I can’t believe you put Surface on the list! I’m glad you did though and thank you for at least giving them credit for the amount of apps jumping. It is true its the minority to buy one right now but man do I love mine! I will admit I am missing a good epub reader but other than that it does more than any other tablet I have had!

  • Len

    I kind of want a windows RT tablet… but my opinion is basis..

    Since I am extremely entrenched in the MS ecosystem

  • screamer

    Tablet? Nobody need a tablet. I have a smartphone and use it most of the time. Who paying 500 $ for a tablet? Something wrong with people? Ipad is so good! But in what? No micro sd or a flash player nether then a usb port. I also can’t watch any movie on it. Need to convert it to mp4. So I pay 600 $ for what?

    • STY

      May have not made the list as a “best”. But the Blackberry 32GB Playbook for $120 after Black Friday was fantastic tablet value.
      Especially for my older eyes, who cannot make out a smartphone screen so well anymore….

  • I prefer jujubes

    I have a Nexus 7 with 3g and it is great hardware but jelly bean really is flakey – it doesn’t come close to the fluidity or speed of my Nokia 920. The 7 inch screen is a perfect size for content consumption though. Flipboard and currents are great.

  • wind784

    Love my Nexus 10 all I have to say. What a deal on top of it.

  • Mike

    The under rated under dog of them all, BB Playbook.
    Buy Canadian, Canada.

  • someguy

    Galaxy note 10.1
    Should be on list.
    Its also great tablet and extras like
    S pen and multi-window view is really helpful on tablet.

  • someguy

    Ipad mini is a joke.

  • Nukes best pal

    Sooo sad!

    Embarrasing WIND customer experience

    WIND started holidays sales with some offers for superphones at $0. The last day of the sales they said they have run out of the phones. What a joke! Next thing I am gonna check them the first day after the sales end to see if they have them foe sales at regular price. I felt treated like a 3rd world customer. I knew they have phones but they have been told to keep them for the regular price. I feel trouble with them all the way. So embarrasing… CTRC was right when they didn’t accept them first time. I wonder when Orange or Vodaphone from Europe will come to Canada with their amazing plans. This in debt strange ownership structure financial engineered company seems nothing but trouble. Even the former employees speak out about their culture and behaviour. Better stay away. They need to go back to learn how to run a business in Canada. Please stop people like that from corrupting the Canadian society this way. If you let people and companies like that to do it, it will end up really bad and I guess Canadian wil have to do something about it. If Canada resisted recession better than the others was for a reason. However, I see wicked people flourishing every corner, and what was very isolated cases now is a common trend. Will Canada resist wicked things like this WIND? I hope so.

  • John Marshall

    I had a Kobo Arc for a while, didn’t really like it because of its spotty performance and the erratic tablet performance of Android apps. I’d probably hold out for an iPad Mini, though I hear they’re hard to jailbreak now, which I’m not a big fan of, either.

    Though the Surface Pro might outclass the lot of them, or even the Surface RT if the Windows Store comes into its own, and the price of the tablet goes down a bit. It looks like a striking new way to do a tablet, especially for users frustrated with just a grid of icons and widgets.

  • Ramy ayash

    The Xperia Tablet S is indeed great. I am a Sony camera user as well and the Playmemories app is stunning. Not to mention the stellar battery life and the full sized SD Card if I want to view my RAW images quickly.

  • DrugStoreCowboy

    The BB PlayBook is certainly among the most underrated tablets out there. It’s also quite the bargain now (although not when is started out!). I have one and am very pleased with it.

    That aside, the list is pretty decent. The best part of this is there is basically something here for practically anyone looking for a tablet.

  • StEC

    Having hands on experience with most of the tablets listed as well as a few others I believe the Blackberry Playbook is still one of the best tablets on the market especially at it’s current price-point it’s the best bang for the buck! Also it has a fast growing app store which was one of the biggest compaints! It’s not the most powerful tablet but it’s one of the cheapest & best!

  • jimit

    the galaxy note 10.1 is a truly under-rated tablet. i bought it on boxing day for $399 (32 gb) and this thing is a beast! love the features, love the colour contrast, and LOVE the s-pen!

  • Jerry

    I have a Nexus 7 and an iPad mini. The iPad mini gets the most use right now. I use my tablets mostly for reading.

    I like the slightly larger screen and the 4×3 aspect ratio of the Pad mini better for reading. This is especially true for books with graphical content.

    I bought a magazine from google play and found it to be almost unreadable on the Nexus 7. It is much better on the iPad mini.

    They are both great tablets but so far I give the edge to the mini for my purposes. I expect that if I was more of a movie watcher I might pick up the Nexus 7 more often.

  • Crocography

    Took back my Apple iPad mini and bought a Nexus 7. Simple reason it was too wide to fit in my hand. Love the rubberized back of the Nexus 7 as well; really a much better feel than Apple’s mini.

    One other thing I found was that the Nexus 7 is one hell of a geek device… and no more iTunes! (yes, yes, yes)

  • Get. A. Clue.

    The Asus tf300t is plagued with issues. I picked up a Asus VivoTab RT with a keyboard included for $400. Best deal ever.

    • Josh

      personally, i got the transformer infinity. I’m pretty happy with it, and im glad asus keeps their line-up well updated. Once you start loading lots of apps on it the performance definitely degrades as with all tablets. I have to completely wipe the system evey month or so which is really a big piss off since i paid more than even an ipad 4…i paid 550$. Anyway i hope 4.2 will help clear some problems up. Thankfully i opted for the 2 year warranty so if problems don’t go away within the next month or after 4.2, im getting a new one. But i would reccomend it for the screen…god damn this screen is amazing. I personally watch movies on it over my t.v because the quality astounds me. And just to add one more opinion, the BB playbook is crap. Stupid os, slow as hell, no games relatively and so hard to type on. Anybody who feels they got a good deal probably has never had a tablet before.

  • deli

    Loving my nexus 10. I haven’t had much issues

  • Mike

    You all paid too much!
    My 32GB playbook @ $99.00 on a 3 day sale weeks before xmas.

    • GlassBackbadIdea

      LOL you overpaid for that playbook by about $99.00, because it is not worth anything.