“Office Mobile for iPhone” spotted in Microsoft’s support documents


  • Aiden

    This is a good way to kill Windows Phone….do you see Blackberry putting BBM on android or Apple putting facetime on Windows phone? I guess the only reason to use WP is now gone.

    • EvanK

      The “only reason to use Windows Phone” is a bit of a stretch, it’s quite a nice platform. But I do agree that it may have ben a better move to keep it as a MS platform exclusive.

    • jplunks

      MS is a software company, gmail on other OS’s did not hurt google

    • Entegy

      Office for Mac exists and that doesn’t cannibalize Windows. And Office Mobile (which is actually really really basic and the only really good feeling Office Mobile app is OneNote) is not the only reason to buy a Windows Phone.

    • Joe

      Or a way of putting Microsoft out there. They have and always will be a service and solutions company and why they have so many standards.

  • Nathaniel James

    YAY finally! 😀

  • Nathaniel James

    Now we need this on android 🙂

  • EvanK

    Does anybody actually use the office suite on their phone for writing up full documents? I use mine on occasion to read files that get sent to me, or to make a quick change to a sentance if necessary, but I’d never write a full document on my smartphone.

    • Entegy

      Pretty much use OneNote 99% of the Office time on my phone. I started an essay on the bus once and update an Excel spreadsheet when people owe me/I owe people money on the go. Super basic stuff.

    • Joe

      No but on my Windows Phone, I can make quick edits on documents people send me and send them back. Very useful…

  • jplunks

    just liek how Gmail is on other platforms, its all about the experience. Google products arent gonna be the best on iOS just like how, Office is not going to be the best experinece on iOS or android. The functionality is just there

  • swizzlerz

    well Microsoft said there a device and services company. how do you remain at the top?? keep people eyes on your software.. aka micro-SOFT.

  • YES

    Clippy and auto correct, twin powers activate!

    • NO

      More like twin scourges.

  • FormerAndroidUser

    This is a must for businesses – all existing apps mess up documents that have anything but the most basic formatting. On the phones I doubt I will do much more than read-only, but for the tablet versions it will be great to get nearly full functionality of the desktop app.

  • AndrewScottReid

    Like most of the crowd, this is great news for business iPad users. I currently have the Apple versions, however I find some of the text, images and content is lost in the translation. I’m really excited to see the full MS version available to me when I’m outside the office or travelling.