Instagram for iOS gets refreshed camera interface, Android and iPhone get new filter


  • Oy Vey

    Might as well get this one rolling…

    iOS VS Android – Which one is better?

    • CW

      What kind of a question is that. WebOS for the win.

    • Tulio

      Both have pros and cons. I’ll list 2 for each. Feel free to add to the list.

      – Very fluid: a perfect marriage between hardware and software
      – Apps: anything you may ever need is there

      – Has looked exactly the same for 5 years
      – Apple tax

      – Fully customizable: not one device looks the same
      – Very exciting features constantly being added

      – Fragmentation
      – Still glithy now and then, especially the low-end side

  • Nathaniel James

    Android is much better than iOS in terms of user interface. And we have much more free apps and better software. #Teamandroid

  • Elizabeth

    Android FTW
    the majority of the time I read about new features in iOS all I can think is “cute, iOS didn’t do that yet?”.
    Separate album for Instagram today, case in point

  • BreathLess

    I hope he meant to compare them for just this app.