Arty’s Quest For Nuts released on iOS, coming soon to BlackBerry 10


  • oldschool

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this was what Blackberry users were craving for the new BB10 devices.

  • Christmas Daniels

    There’s that Ottawa mentality, we are not going to release it on two functioning operating systems. No we are going to wait for BB10. You will be on a Quest for jobs.

  • BB

    You’re wrong. BB users want an abundance of apps. Games included.

    • MrHomz


      Furthermore, we don’t need 1,900 flashlight apps (currently available on the App Store). BB10 is going to have a pretty damn good selection of games and apps on release.

  • Benz

    Everyone loves a nut! BB10

    • Kevin

      BB10 is going to rock.

      Hurry up RIM – my $$ is waiting.

  • omegajimes

    It should say something that it’s easier to port to an OS that isn’t out yet instead of android or wp. It’s just so damn easy to port to bb10.

    • jplunks

      How did you come to this conclusion? You think this this app or in a similar case that apps are going to be readily available when launched?

    • QC_Al

      Well jplunks, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking because you have poor grammar. But in the event you are asking if there will be any apps at launch for BB10, maybe you should do a quick internet search on the subject and see. Yes there will be. Somewhere to the tune of 100 000 I think is what they said. Dozens, if not hundreds of devs are porting their apps from other OS’s to BB10 and they are saying that it is incredibly easy (some say it takes as ittle as an hour). Never mind the hackathons and other events that have been going on all over the globe for the last year. Educate yourself before proving yourself a troll trying to get a rise out of those who are clearly a little more in the “know” than you.

  • Khristopher

    Sounds a lot like Adventure Island.

  • jplunks

    funny how when someone says something “positive” about blackberry they get thumbs up but when someone says something that is “negitive” they get thumbs down. Just cuz its a canadian company you would accept anything that they say and or offer, I am a torontonian also.