LG Optimus G now available in Canada


  • Jessy

    Going to test it tonight.

  • brunes

    Locked bootloader with old OS, means stuck with no updates == non starter. Another great phone runined by a locked bootloader.

  • General Gustov

    Just waiting on WIND to see what devices they will pick up

  • Sean

    This would be a good phone if the Nexus 4 didn’t exist

  • Jessy

    Wait, Bell is offering the phone on a 3-year contract for $224.95? That’s not good.

    • Sean

      Nope $150

    • Tyson

      Pricing at Bell confirmed for $129.95 on a 3 year, not available on 1 and 2 years

    • Jessy

      The price was $124.95 the first time I checked. They changed it to 129.95.

  • mggiphone

    Thinking of getting OptimusG.
    Who can confirm if the Bell version has FM radio included ?
    I do not want to depend on data for FM radio, so I wanted to have a proper FM receiver. I know the Note2 does not have it.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Nexus 4 all day every day!

  • Miknitro

    Only way you’d find that in my pocket is if I won it, an I would be on my way to sell it for a N4.

  • XR999

    Sorry LG, but you burned too many users in the past for me to consider buying a phone that relies on you keeping your promises for updates (since you locked the damn bootloader).

    Meanwhile the Nexus 4 is nearly identical spec wise, minus LTE and larger storage options, is backed by Google, launches with Jelly Bean 4.2 (not ICS) and costs almost half the price outright. If I was going to buy LG hardware, the Nexus 4 wins every time.

  • GOD

    you forgot something really interesting: its comes with 32gb of space instead the standard 16gb like other device

  • multimobile

    I tried the phone and it has nothing to do with the previous LG phones. it’s really quick and the touch screen is amazing. 129$ on a 3 year contract is a good deal.

  • mggiphone

    Ordered mine. Will see if I keep it. Moving from iPhone4s to this. If it is not good LG is going out the door and probably never coming back, ever.